Interagency Fire Program Management

Approved courses

Below is a list of courses, with descriptions, approved by Pacific Northwest USFS/BLM for individuals in the USFS/BLM - IFPM: GS-401 Fire Management Specialist Classification.

Not all courses are offered every term.
Be sure to go to the online schedule of classes to check on availability.  You can click on individual course titles to check its availability each term, course description, prerequisites, syllabus and bookstore other information.

Fire management courses


FOR 346 – Topics in Wildland Fire
FOR 431 – Economics And Policy of Forest Wildland Fire
FOR 436 – Wildland Fire Science and Management
FES 440 – Wildland Fire Ecology

Additional courses

Agricultural & resource economics

AEC 351 – Natural Resource Economics and Policy


BI 370 – Ecology

Botany and plant pathology

BOT 440 – Field Methods in Vegetation Science 
BOT 540 – Field Methods in Vegetation Science

Environmental sciences

ENSC 479 – Environmental Case Studies

Fisheries and wildlife

FW 303 – Survey Of Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resource 
FW 311 – Ornithology
FW 315 – Ichthyology
FW 317 – Mammalogy 
FW 321 – Applied Community and Ecosystem Ecology (Fisheries - Wildlife Ecology) 
FW 323 – Management Principles of Pacific Salmon in the Northwest 
FW 326 – Integrated Watershed Management 
FW 340 – Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources 
FW 435 – Wildlife in Agricultural Ecosystems 
FW 470 – Ecology and History: Landscapes of the Columbia Basin 
FW 479 – Wetlands and Riparian Ecology 
FW 535 – Wildlife in Agricultural Ecosystems 
FW 570 – Ecology and History: Landscapes of the Columbia Basin

Natural resources

NR 455 – Natural Resource Decision-Making

Rangeland ecology and management

RNG 341 – Rangeland Ecology and Management 
RNG 355 – Desert Watershed Management 
RNG 455 – Riparian Ecology and Management 
RNG 490 – Rangeland Management Planning

Note on prerequisites: Many prerequisites at OSU are advisory in nature, rather than a strictly enforced requirement. If you can demonstrate to the instructor that you have acquired the necessary background, through coursework or other means, the instructor may choose to allow an override of the prerequisite.