Philosophy – Online Minor

The study of knowledge and reality

Philosophy asks us to pose deep questions surrounding the human condition and how we ought to live our lives. Oregon State’s online philosophy minor will ask you to do precisely that, providing you with a broad education and intellectual skills that are useful in many occupations and areas of life.

This program also offers a valuable foundation for graduate study in philosophy or religious studies and for advanced study in professional fields such as law and public service.

Oregon State’s online legacy started with philosophy

The philosophy minor is offered by Oregon State’s School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, which offered the university’s first-ever Internet-based course in 1994. The School of History, Philosophy, and Religion is a part of OSU’s College of Liberal Arts, the nation’s No.1-ranked provider of online liberal arts degrees.


The online courses in the philosophy minor give you the ability to specialize in areas such as ethics, legal and political philosophy, philosophy and religion, non-Western philosophies and religious ideas, philosophy of art, logic, philosophy of science and the history of philosophy.

To complete the minor, you must earn at least 27 credits from the required core coursework, 12 of which must come from upper-division classes with at least 3 credits at the 400 level.

For complete curriculum details, please visit Oregon State’s academic catalog.

Sample course topics

  • Native American philosophies
  • Philosophy of happiness
  • History of western philosophy
  • Reasoning and writing
  • Political philosophy
  • Quests for meaning: World religions

Benefits of learning online with Oregon State

  • All classes are developed by OSU's world-class faculty, who are renowned for their research, expertise and innovation.
  • Oregon State is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • OSU Ecampus is consistently ranked among the nation’s 10 best providers of online education according to U.S. News & World Report.
  • All Ecampus students receive the same transcript as on-campus students.