Credits required
90 Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. This program's 90 quarter credits are equal to 60 semester credits.*
Cost per credit
$366 Based on current tuition rates. No additional charge for nonresident students. Does not include course materials and associated fees and expenses.
Hybrid You can complete this program in a hybrid format that blends online coursework with in-person activities at community college locations across Oregon. View the curriculum.
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B.S. in Teaching – Online


Oregon State’s hybrid Teaching B.S. in Clinically Based Elementary Education program will prepare you to become a skilled teacher who can manage a multi-subject classroom through clinical supervision and practice-informed coursework.

Learn from faculty members who deliver culturally responsive instruction, teach for equity and inclusion, and delve into science and math topics. Courses are delivered both online and face to face three to four times per term.

As a teacher candidate, you’ll be required to work in classrooms during each term, starting with nine hours in the first term to full-time “student teaching” in the final term. The first two to three terms will mostly involve observation of clinical practice with a gradual increase in teaching responsibility and working with students.

Degree requirements

To enroll in the Teaching BS-CBEE program, you must first earn a minimum of 90 transferable quarter credits either at a statewide community college or another four-year institution, including several program prerequisites and OSU Baccalaureate Core (general education) courses. Partnerships with Oregon community colleges provide a fully articulated course pathway that follows the Major Transfer Map.

Curriculum information includes:

Sample four-year plan

Get a feel for what your degree path may look like by viewing a sample of Oregon State’s Teaching BS-CBEE four-year degree plan. Your own plan will differ depending on the institutions you’ve attended. View the plan »

Once enrolled at Oregon State, a minimum of 90 additional quarter credits are required to graduate with your teaching bachelor's degree. Major requirements and additional curriculum details are available on OSU's academic catalog.

Math requirements

To enroll in this program, you must take three required math courses either in person on Oregon State's Corvallis campus or transfer in the equivalent math credits from an Oregon community college.

  • MTH 211 – Foundations of Elementary Mathematics
  • MTH 212 – Foundations of Elementary Mathematics
  • MTH 213 or MTH 390 – Foundations of Elementary Mathematics

Teaching transfer guides

Transfer guides are created to help students and advisors plan classes at a community college that will apply to the Teaching B.S. in Clinically Based Elementary Education program. Explore transfer guides >>

Honors degree online

As an undergraduate degree-seeking student, you can apply to earn an honors degree online your academic major. Earning this prestigious degree gives you the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research, complete a comprehensive thesis experience and engage in co-curricular activities.

Sample course topics

  • Classroom management
  • ESOL education
  • Developmental reading
  • Strategies for teaching numerous subjects
  • The nature of inquiry
  • Linguistics for teachers
  • Supportive differentiated environments

Additional program features

Practicum, internship and national assessment

The curriculum includes 36 combined credits of a practicum and internship that involve working in partner school districts. This is the clinical teaching program requirement, which includes the more colloquially known “student teaching” practicum.

Available scholarships

To help you pay for this program, Oregon State University’s College of Education has information about education-specific scholarships including Oregon State’s Grow Your Own Pathway Scholarships.


Notice: Oregon State University students may now take part in internships anywhere in the United States. Read more about Ecampus’ authorization and compliance.

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