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Creating a successful work-life balance

Maintaining stability in your already-busy life after adding school to the equation is key to student success. Luckily, once you’re admitted to Oregon State Ecampus, you’ll gain access to the Ecampus team of student success counselors who can help guide you on your way.


Getting to know Erica Curry

“I love knowing I get to meet and brainstorm with the intelligent, dedicated people in our division. I also love that a big piece of my job is relationship building across campus and with other institutions,” says Ecampus academic programs manager Erica Curry.


Getting to know Dan Miles

“We make it possible for people to pursue their dreams and aspirations through education. Most of these folks are place bound or working full time and they wouldn’t be able to further their education otherwise,” says OSU Ecampus Marketing Manager Dan Miles.


Getting to know Kyle Whitehouse

What started as a part-time college job for Kyle Whitehouse – and something she calls a stroke of “luck” – has since become a lifelong career built largely on helping Oregon State University students succeed. Her 15 years at Oregon State have seen her take on roles as a career counselor, academic advisor, instructor of OSU Ecampus online courses, and more.


New $2.5 million grant will support training for Oregon teachers of English learners

OSU’s College of Education will provide training for up to 80 Oregon teachers who work with students learning English under a new $2.5 million federal grant.


You are not alone 

We understand that the decision to return to college – or enroll for the first time – is a major one. That’s why we have a whole team here to assist you throughout your academic process, from enrolling to graduation.

John Robertson

Getting to know John Robertson

Instructional designer, Oregon State Ecampus By Tyler Hansen Dec. 6, 2016 After a childhood spent in Northern Ireland and a university student experience in Scotland – with two more international stops along the way – John Robertson eventually landed in the United States and made his way to Oregon State University in 2014. His journey to working […]


OSU study: Confusion surrounds closed captioning implementation within higher education

Motivations and implementation efforts vary when it comes to captioning videos at higher education institutions, new research from Oregon State University shows.


Getting to know Katie Linder

“A lot of people can be intimidated by research, but I think it’s fun to frame questions, design investigations and gather data to find answers. It’s like the ‘geekier’ version of being a detective,” says Ecampus Research Unit Director Katie linder.


Getting to know Karen Johnston

“I support a staff of 93 (and counting) for travel and purchasing. So far this year, I have already booked 263 trips for our staff. So you know what that means? Yes, 263 reimbursements for the most part,” says Ecampus Internal Business Specialist Karen Johnston.