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What are the keys to effective online course development?

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All Oregon State online classes are built on collaboration, research-based design standards and faculty support

By Karen Watté
Director, Course development and training
Oregon State University Ecampus

The start of a new academic year is an exciting time for students and faculty. At Oregon State University Ecampus, it also often brings the introduction of new online courses and programs.

What does it take to create robust and engaging online courses that bring the expertise of Oregon State’s faculty to students around the world? A deep dive into our online course development process reveals a number of things.

First, we use a highly collaborative system, fine-tuned over many years, that partners the best and brightest OSU faculty with OSU Ecampus instructional designers and multimedia professionals who excel in online course development. We go beyond simple consultative relationships and create dynamic teams in which each member pushes the other to identify opportunities, overcome challenges and develop robust learning experiences.

Innovation and creativity are hallmarks of this effort, with instructional designers diligently orienting the work to ensure that it stays student-centered. The resulting product is an online course that has been entirely built-out in the learning management system, in which all elements align, learning materials are rich and accessible, and opportunities for engagement abound.

Second, the entire process is underpinned by a robust set of research-based design standards. Informed by the well-respected Quality Matters rubric, our Ecampus Essentials provide a path to meet or exceed quality standards in online course design.

These standards serve as expectations at the beginning of the development, guideposts during the middle and a quality control check at the end.

Finally, we ensure that faculty have the resources they need to excel in the online modality thanks to Ecampus’ award-winning faculty training program that all new course developers participate in. Faculty are introduced to research-based best practices in the field, have the opportunity to leverage ideas with their peers, and can hone their own practice. From brand-new faculty to seasoned veterans, Ecampus provides training for every phase of the journey.

Ultimately, each online course development at Oregon State is a custom build, which allows the expertise and passion of the faculty to shine. At OSU Ecampus, we relentlessly pursue quality throughout every stage of the course development process, ensuring that students are presented with the best possible learning experience.

One could say it’s become our habit.

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