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Polly Jeneva

Polly JenevaAcademic Advisor

Liberal Studies

What do you see as the advantages of taking classes online?

Online classes are great for people who are place-bound but who understand the need for information and education.

Why do you feel it is important to support online learning by being the advisor for Liberal Studies?

As with any education opportunity, people have a chance to learn so that they can be the designers of just and equitable communities.

What has been the biggest surprise to you about online learning?

Ecampus students have a high level of dedication and persistence.

What's one thing you'd like distance students to know?

Never panic until you talk with your advisor. Then you can panic all you want!

What do you enjoy about advising Liberal Studies majors?

Liberal Studies majors understand the value of an education as an end in itself, not just a job training opportunity. They also understand transferable skills. Communication skills, for instance, will serve them well as a worker as well as a member of their community and their family.

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