Transfer Credit Information

Tools and opportunities

Tools for course-by-course transfer evaluation

The following links give students access to the course transfer tables for each community college and university in Oregon:

The transfer tables are arranged with the transfer school course listed in the left column and the OSU-equivalent course listed in the right column. The tables can help you determine how your courses from another Oregon institution will transfer into your OSU degree program.

OSU Transfer Course Search

The OSU Transfer Course Search tool tells you how courses from your current or previous institution might transfer to Oregon State. Your coursework and the OSU-equivalent courses may be included in this database. This database is built only from courses that have been transferred into OSU in recent years.

After evaluating your previous credits using this tool, find the curriculum for the Oregon State degree program you are interested in to see how those credits might count toward your OSU program. Please note: This is not an official transcript evaluation, but it may help determine how your credits transfer to Oregon State before you apply.

Advanced credit opportunities

Advanced credit opportunities are available for military personnel, for credit by examination (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IBA) or by exam transfer credit. If you have questions, contact the OSU Office of Admissions at 800-291-4192.

The admissions office will complete an official evaluation of transfer credits after you have been admitted to Oregon State. After your transfer course equivalencies have been determined, they will be entered into your OSU transcript, which can be viewed online through your student account.

AAOT: Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree

Oregon community colleges offer the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT), which is accepted at Oregon State and will ensure the completion of OSU's lower-division baccalaureate core requirements. Students who take this degree will move directly into their four-year degree program and begin with junior class standing for priority registration purposes only.

As an example, read the curriculum guide for Portland Community College AAOT degree. All AAOT credits are transferrable to OSU, but not all credits are applicable to the required curriculum of the degree programs delivered online by OSU Ecampus.

The OSU bacc core list identifies courses that will work for each core subject area. It may be more efficient to take courses equivalent to the OSU bacc core list than completing the full AAOT. Use the course transfer tables and the tools listed above to see which courses transfer from community colleges.

Additional transfer degrees

Discover which other transfer degrees are accepted at Oregon State, and find information for Washington and California transfer students on the Office of Admissions website.

Oregon community college visits and fairs

Ecampus representatives make periodic visits to Oregon community colleges throughout the year to talk to students. An Ecampus representative will also visit each Oregon community college during the annual Oregon Transfer Days tour in January/March. To find out when we'll visit your community college, check out the community college visit and transfer fair schedule. Feel free to drop by the Ecampus table to gather information about our programs and services.


If you have any questions regarding transfer information, send us an email at or call 800-667-1465 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT.