Transfer Credit Information

This page outlines the resources available to help you determine your transfer credits before you apply to Oregon State University. If you are a transfer applicant, the Office of Admissions or the International Admissions office will officially evaluate your previous courses for transfer credit after you have been admitted to Oregon State and completed the necessary next steps for newly admitted students.

Please note that not all of your previous credits may apply to the requirements of your program at Oregon State. After admission, you will work with an academic advisor from your major department to go over how your previous credits apply to degree requirements and estimate your degree completion time.

Transfer course search tool

The OSU Transfer Course Search tool tells you how courses from your current or previous institution might transfer to Oregon State. Your coursework and OSU-equivalent classes may be included in this database.

After evaluating your previous credits using this tool, find the curriculum for the Oregon State degree program you are interested in to see how those credits might count toward your OSU program. Please note: This is not an official transcript evaluation, but it may help determine how your credits transfer to Oregon State before you apply.

This database is built only from courses that the Office of Admissions has evaluated for transfer students in the past. If you're unable to find a course that you have taken or plan to take, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t transferable in some way. OSU likely has not yet evaluated that specific class and will do so after you are admitted to the university.

Course articulation tables (Oregon and Hawaii)

You can view course transfer tables for each college and university in Oregon and our partner community colleges in Hawaii.

The transfer tables are arranged with the transfer school course listed in the left column and the OSU-equivalent course listed in the right column. The tables can help you determine how your courses from another Oregon institution will transfer into your OSU degree program.

If you attend an Oregon or Hawaii community college, you can potentially dual enroll with Oregon State. Please visit the Degree Partnership Program webpage to learn more.

Transfer degrees

Oregon State accepts several transfer degrees from Oregon, Washington and California community college transfer students. For other associate’s degrees and for transfer degrees from other states, the Office of Admissions will review courses individually after you are admitted to Oregon State.

Please note that an associate’s degree is not required for admission, and a transfer degree may not be the most efficient path. As an example, you can read the curriculum guide for the Portland Community College Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. All AAOT credits are transferable to OSU, but not all credits are applicable to the required curriculum of the degree programs delivered online by OSU Ecampus.

The OSU Bacc Core list identifies courses that will work for each core subject area. It may be more efficient to take courses equivalent to those on the Bacc Core list than completing the full AAOT. Please consult the major requirements for your program of interest as well to determine other courses you could take before transferring. Use the course articulation tables and course search tool listed above to check how courses may transfer.

Additional credit opportunities

Credit opportunities are available for military personnel and for credit by examination, including Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.

Quarter-semester credits converter

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If you have any questions regarding transfer information, send us an email at or call 800-667-1465 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT.