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Cub Kahn

Cub KahnInstructor


How long have taught online?

Since 2005.

What subjects have you taught?

A variety of geography courses: GEO 326 Geography of Europe, GEO 329 Geography of the U.S. and Canada, GEO 350 Population Geography and starting in fall 2007, GEO 327 Geography of Asia. All of these classes are OSU Bacc Core courses.

What made you become interested in offering your classes through Ecampus?

Teaching online is an exciting way to reach students in an alternative way beyond the bounds of the traditional classroom.

What would you tell a student who was interested in taking your courses?

Regardless of your major, online geography courses are interesting and relevant to your future. I believe most students find these courses enjoyable and well worth the investment of time. Online courses do take a good measure of self-discipline. Well-organized students who consistently do their work on time end up doing well in their online courses.

How do you incorporate interaction and discussion in your online classes?

The focus of interaction in each of my geography courses is a weekly discussion board topic during each of the 10 weeks of the term. Students post their findings from a short assignment each week, and then respond online to each other's postings. This is a lot of fun, and the discussions greatly further our learning.

What do you see as the advantages of taking classes online?

My online courses use many different geography-related resources on the Internet. My classes typically have no more than 25 students, and in this small-group environment, students have excellent opportunities to get to know their fellow students and me.

What do you enjoy about instructing online?

I particularly like "watching" the interaction that goes on throughout the my online courses on the discussion boards. Students have ample opportunity to express themselves, and to participate in the teaching and learning. It's very much a learning community without borders!

What has been the biggest surprise to you about online learning?

I find that compared to the traditional classroom, the online environment can be less instructor-centered and more student-centered. Some students clearly learn better online than in the classroom.

What's one thing about yourself you'd like distance students to know?

My background and interests span the environmental sciences and world geography. I'm fascinated by the world! I welcome inquiries from students about my courses, I'm always glad to communicate with prospective students about what it's like to take an online geography course.

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