About Online Learning - Instructors' Comments

Dawn Wright - Instructor in Geosciences

Dawn Wright
Instructor in Geosciences

Faculty who teach online courses through the Extended Campus discover an exciting and rewarding experience working with students in a technologically enhanced environment. Dawn Wright and Bob Ehrhart were recently featured on "Today's Family," an ABC television segment, which featured the benefits of online learning. Listen to their streaming media clips below.

Listen to Dawn Wright, Ecampus instructor, talk about her online classroom and what she likes about teaching distance students.

Bob Ehrhart - Instructor/advisor in Natural Resources

Bob Ehrhart
Instructor in Natural Resources

Listen to Bob Ehrhart, Ecampus Natural Resources instructor, talk about why he enjoys teaching students in online classes, and how it differs from his teaching experience in traditional classrooms.

Ecampus Instructor Ron Reuter's article Introductory Soils Online: An Effective Way to Get Online Students in the Field was published in the Journal of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Education.  Here, you can read how Ecampus online students gain hands-on effective learning experiences.

Listen to other OSU instructors' comments via streaming video to discover more about the learning that takes place in their online classroom.