2006 Ecampus Graduates

Alexander DaleAlexander Dale - Keeping those Beaver ties!

B.S. in Natural Resources

Home: Madison, WI
Family: Wife, Amanda
Current work/career: Oregon Dept. Fish & Wildlife

How long have you been working toward this degree? Seven years, on and off.

What did you like most about online education? Working in my living room and being able to stay a Beaver while living in Wisconsin. I had been attending OSU on campus, but had to move to Wisconsin for my wife to attend veterinary school. I was very pleased to find out that I could complete my degree online. I imagined I was still in the mild Willamette Valley, while I was sitting in my living room in frozen Wisconsin.

How do you feel your degree will benefit you in your career, life, etc.? Completing my degree will be one of the most satisfying moments in my life. I plan on getting a job in Natural Resources, and now that I have a degree, I have my foot in the door.