2006 Ecampus Graduates

Katie Paulson - Pursuing her passionKatie Paulson and family

Ed.M. in Adult Education

Home: Coos Bay, Oregon
Family: Husband, Robert; children, Shelby, 15 & Garret, 16
Current work/career: Instructor, Southwestern Oregon Community College

How long have you been working toward this degree? 3 years, part-time

What did you like most about online education? I couldn't have obtained a Master's Degree in Coos Bay without doing it through a distance program. Several of my co-workers have also completed this program and highly recommended it. I love distance because it allows me to obtain as normal a life as possible, while learning. It places much more emphasis on the learner than the instructor and requires the learner to be self-motivated and self-disciplined.

How do you feel your degree will benefit you in your career, life, etc.? Completing this degree is the culmination of a lifelong goal of earning a Master's Degree. It is one more notch in my educational belt. It also has helped to solidify my confidence that I am in the right career for me, for now. Adult Education is a passion of mine and now I have the degree to continue pursuing my passion.