2006 Ecampus Graduates

Richmond PettyRichmond Petty - A new career

B.S. in Natural Resources

Home: Inkom, ID
Family: Wife, Tiffany; children, Trent, 16, Casey, 14 & Chase 12
Current work/career: Looking for a new career with my degree

How long have you been working toward this degree? Seven years

What did you like most about online education? I did an extensive search of colleges and universities that offered on-line programs. I was looking for a credible program that was completely offered online or at a distance with no on-campus requirements. Although I found several colleges that offered completely online programs, none offered my choice of study. I was set on studying some aspect of the environment and only Oregon State offered a truly environmental program. I chose Natural Resources because it was a broad discipline that gave me the opportunity to take a whole range of classes concerning the environment. Distance learning has its challenges, but for the most part, courses run really smooth and the teachers are great. The method of instruction is very convenient, viewing classes or lectures at your leisure is a definite plus. Submitting assignments was very easy as well, usually done by email attachment. Overall, distance education was very close to actual on-campus learning in regards to quality of the education.

How do you feel your degree will benefit you in your career, life, etc.? When I receive my bachelor's degree in Natural Resources this June from Oregon State University, it will definitely be the biggest accomplishment of my life. It will be the culmination of a 7-year journey that began at a small community college in California. I am grateful for the opportunity that Oregon State provided to me in pursing my studies through distance education because I needed to work full time to support my wife and three children. After serving 8 years in the US Navy, I wanted to use my veteran's benefits towards completing college in the environmental field. Oregon State provided that path for me when I thought there was no other way. I feel my college degree will open new doors for me and create the chance for a new career that I have always wanted. I am especially proud that my wife and three children will be on hand to celebrate my accomplishment. My college dreams caused my family to sacrifice a lot of the time, but they were always supportive. Now that I am finished with my studies, I am going to invest all my free time with my family.