2008 Ecampus Graduates

Elizabeth Lohman - Tackling Challenges

B.S. Natural Resources
Blacksburg, VA

Elizabeth Lohman

What does completing your degree mean to you? How do you feel it will improve your life and career?
The conditions under which we work are constantly changing.  To remain successful in the workplace, we have to be adaptable to the changing demands of our careers.  Completing the degree program is important to me as I have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities that are readily transferrable to my current career path.  I feel better prepared to tackle the challenges that my community is facing in the areas of economic growth and environmental protection.  The degree in natural resources management gives me the confidence to stand up and say I have the credentials to be an effective participant in any problem-solving exercise.

Why did you choose to complete your degree online through OSU Extended Campus? What did you like about this method of education?
Due to the responsibilities we have to families, pursuing higher education through traditional means may not be a realistic alternative for many people.  I include myself in this group.  I have a solid career with my current employer and a salary with benefits I could not afford to give up.  Giving up these things to pursue an education through traditional means would have negatively impacted my family.  The OSU Ecampus program allowed me to balance the commitment to my family with the commitment to my career and the desire to improve my credentials. 

In its infancy, distance learning was not a recognized or respected way of earning a degree.  For many, it seemed lesser in quality.  I specifically chose OSU five years ago because it was the first natural resources management program I found where the courses were equivalent to what would have been offered in an on-campus setting.  I was searching for a program that would deliver on two counts: On that would provide me with knowledge, skills and abilities that were transferrable to my career, and secondly, be a respected program for the quality of education being delivered.  In the end, I know I found the right program.

Did you have an instructor or advisor who was influential in helping you succeed as a distance student?

In five years, I have met many people who have made my experience successful.  Dr. Bob Ehrhart is probably at the top of everyone’s list because of his enthusiasm and vision that distance learning is possible.  Small efforts to bridge the distance, like hand-grading and mailing assignments, lends a more personal touch to the experience.  Sociology department professors Olga Rowe, Madronna Holden and Sheila Cordray, are recognized for creating incredibly interesting courses, engaging students and challenging our understanding of the world.  Advisor Marge Victor thinks outside of the box and helps students realize the 1,001 different ways to reach a goal.  Cindy Lehto in Ecampus Student Services is incredibly helpful with the logistics of the Ecampus program.  Always responsive and always on the mark, she has helped me with questions about transcripts, proctoring, testing out of courses, and VCR tape problems.  Patrick works in the OSU bookstore.  Quickly resolving book and course material related problems is important when it comes to starting your course on time and keeping up with reading requirements. 

My point is that a team of people at OSU has made my experience successful, and it’s impossible to recognize just a single person.  So, great job OSU Ecampus!

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