2009 Ecampus Graduates

Amanda Gillett - Gaining relevant knowledge and perspectives

B.S. General Agriculture
Winnett, MT

Amanda Gillett

After moving with her husband to run a cattle ranch in Montana, Amanda Gillett never thought she would be able to complete her bachelor's degree.

"I live about 20 miles on a gravel road from the nearest town of about 150 people," Amanda said. "I never imagined that finishing my undergraduate degree would be possible until learning about the Ecampus program."

Amanda found that once she was immersed in her courses, she was could apply new skills directly into her responsibilities on the ranch.

"The most important part of finishing my degree is the tools it gave me to use in my everyday life," Amanda said. "The agricultural program encompassed so many of the things that are practiced on the ranch every day. The ability to do research at home gave me valuable information about the resources that my family uses everyday to make a living and create a sustainable cattle operation."

While she learned new techniques to use on her ranch, Amanda also appreciated the connections she made with other online students in her courses.

"I never would have guessed what a personal experience an Ecampus education would be," Amanda said. "I gained perspectives and experiences from all over the country and world. The program forces each person to give their opinions and ideas, and most of my classes had people from numerous states and countries."

Amanda even discovered new passions and interests through the help of one of her favorite instructors.

"Christy Anderson Brekken's courses in Agricultural and Environmental Law inspired me to analyze farm and ranch practices in a completely different way," she said. "She helped me focus on areas of coursework that would be most beneficial to my future in agriculture, and also gave me an excitement for law I never knew I had."

Now that Amanda has completed a goal she never thought possible, she looks forward to being able to be more competitive in her career, maintaining her family's ranch and spending time with her new son.

"Being able to finish my degree meant finishing a chapter in my life," Amanda said. "The accomplishment of actually getting a degree after spending much time and effort before coming to Oregon State is an overwhelming achievement."

Amanda was also featured in the June 13 story in the Corvallis Gazette-Times about Ecampus online graduates.

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