2009 Ecampus Graduates

Chelsea Templeton - Prepared for next step

B.S. Environmental Sciences
Plymouth, MI

Chelsea Templeton

What does completing your degree mean to you? How do you feel it will improve your life and career?
Completing my degree will allow me to provide better for my son and start my career. I feel like I have received the best education possible from OSU's Ecampus and I will be well prepared to enter the workforce as a result.

Why did you choose to complete your degree online through OSU Extended Campus? What did you like about this method of education?
I chose to complete my degree online through OSU's Ecampus when I had my son. By taking classes online I am able to "attend" class according to my schedule. I am able to work, go to school and take care of my son full time. Without Ecampus I would have had to take classes locally in person, and I would have missed out on being there to watch my son grow. The flexibility provided by Ecampus helps me keep up with my busy life without letting my grades suffer or having to put my education on hold.

Did you have an instructor or advisor who was influential in helping you succeed as a distance student?

I have been constantly impressed by how helpful all of my instructors have been. They are all very understanding of the fact that Ecampus students tend to have very busy lives and diverse backgrounds, and are extremely accommodating because of this. My advisor Jessica Cardinal-Lanier has also been helpful. She has helped me stay on track and ensure that I graduate in a timely matter. She has been quick to respond to all of my questions and help me when I need it.

What will your Ecampus degree allow you to do that you were unable to do before?
My Ecampus degree will allow me to start my career in Environmental Science. I will be well prepared for any job in my field, because of the excellence of the education that I have received through Ecampus. I have been extremely impressed by the quality of education provided by OSU's Ecampus. I do not feel like I have missed out on anything that I would have received in the classroom.

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