Carol Beatty

As her "nest" emptied, Carol Beatty considered her options. She wanted to do something that would contribute to the well-being of others, something fulfilling, perhaps working with seniors.

OSU Ecampus graduate - Carol Beatty

Today she's doing all of case manager for the Central Oregon Council on Aging where she also runs the Meals on Wheels program and helps with Senior Center programs. "It's a dream job," she says "but I wouldn't have landed it without my degree."

"I went to Central Oregon Community College for almost four years...taking courses, exploring subjects that interested me in different areas...I ended up with more credits than I needed and a clearer idea of what I wanted to do. And with the option of completing an OSU degree from a distance, I knew I would finish." And with the support and encouragement from her husband of 29 years and three daughters, Carol met with an OSU advisor in Bend and mapped out a plan for her Liberal Studies Degree.

"I took OSU courses just about every possible way...some here in Bend, some on the Web, weekend courses and independent study," Carol said. She liked the variety of delivery methods but particularly enjoyed the small classes in Bend where she was part of a study group that formed lasting friendships. "Everyone was self-motivated and driven to study and we had great instructors who gave us a lot of opportunity to succeed. We really got a quality education." And she did a quality job. Carol graduated from Oregon State University magna cum laude.

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