Dee Sipe

OSU Ecampus graduate - Dee Sipe

"I always wanted to work in wildlife and environmental science. I found OSU's distance program on the Web and did some research - OSU has one of the top Natural Resources programs in the nation!"

Dee Sipe, of Lake Alfred, Florida, calls distance education "user-friendly" because it works well for her and sons Mason, 8, and Alex, 5. Besides taking classes and working part-time as a bookkeeper for an investment company, Dee recently completed an internship for an ecology and ornithology lab. She is also doing personal research on the fruit of the Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) plant to treat certain kinds of prostate cancer and thyroid deficiencies.

Dee suggests future distance students be self-disciplined, and learn to use their calendars wisely. "My entire wall is a huge calendar!"

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