Dorothy Thomas

OSU Ecampus graduate - Dorothy Thomas

"I was eager to march in graduation...not just to personally receive my diploma, but so I could finally put some faces with the names of instructors and fellow students I had had over the past few years. I have corresponded with lots of the students in the program, here on campus and through an ES listserv."

The OSU Environmental Sciences distance degree option came at just the right time for Dorothy. She had earned an AA in Geographic Information Systems, and worked for four years with the Forest Service when a great job opportunity came along. Despite her strong experience, her application wasn't considered because she didn't have a bachelor's degree. That, and the support of her husband and kids, ages 11 and 13, provided the incentive she needed to finish. "I started taking distance courses in the fall of '97 and did it all," Dorothy reflected. "Web, on-site, interactive TV, video, independent study. The instructors were great to work with. They understand that we are not traditional students, we have other obligations, and as we're studying, 'life happens.' I never had an instructor that wasn't understanding of that."

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