Eric Penn

OSU Ecampus graduate - Eric Penn"Until it was available on the Web, I wasn't sure I would finish," said Eric Penn. But one day as he was surfing the Web, he came across OSU's Distance & Continuing Education program and realized he could keep working at the job he enjoyed and finish his degree. Eric took time out of OSU to put his wife Elizabeth '98 through OSU when he landed a great job as a microcomputer specialist. "I knew in my heart I would eventually finish, but I wasn't sure how I would do it," said Eric who has 23 credits left to complete his degree.. "When I marched in graduation, other graduates were amazed to learn that I finished about 80% of my final credits at a distance."

He particularly enjoyed his Web classes. "The Web is easy to use and e-mail is great for chatting with other students, getting progress reports, sending papers and keeping inclose touch with my teachers."

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