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Oregon State online classes are in a class of their own

By Tyler Hansen


They told us, “You can’t teach that online.”

Our response: “Watch us.”

Chemistry? Yes.

Biology labs? Yup.

Foreign languages? Sí.

At Oregon State University Ecampus, we have a proud history of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in higher education. Our track record of success spans decades and can be measured across 110-plus subject areas. What’s the common thread that ties it all together?

Oregon State Ecampus online courses set the industry standard for excellence.

We distinguish ourselves by developing all 1,700-plus of the university’s online courses internally. Every OSU Ecampus class is designed and redesigned through extensive collaborations between Oregon State faculty members and Ecampus staff.

This means students enroll in online courses that are built on the subject matter expertise of faculty, the ability of instructional designers to craft highly engaging learning experiences, and the technological innovations produced by multimedia developers.

With this expertise trifecta in place and in sync, Ecampus students reap the benefits.

“What makes Oregon State Ecampus unique is the fact that our learners can choose from the same offerings and learn from the same world-class faculty as OSU’s on-campus students,” said Lisa L. Templeton, the Ecampus associate provost. “Our online courses set the highest standards for quality and utilize the latest technologies to create an enriching, interactive learning environment.”

Here’s what it looks like in practice.

Learning by doing

Ecampus students are able to connect with their online coursework through meaningful experiential learning activities. This happens via at-home lab kits, out-in-the-field assignments, research opportunities and other engaging experiences.

Interactivity is our specialty

Want to see evidence of Ecampus’ national award-winning multimedia work? Check out our online course demo to take our classes for a test drive. The innovative content includes animations, 3D simulations and interactive tutorials. And it spans a variety of academic subject areas, from history and business to animal sciences, statistics and more.

You can also preview the online classroom by exploring Canvas, Oregon State’s online learning portal.

Custom-built labs online

Oregon State offers labs online in fields like chemistry, biology and physics, and more than 60% of Ecampus labs are handwritten by Oregon State faculty. We create content that is unique to the faculty members, their expertise and what is most relevant for students to learn.

The word shortcut isn’t in our vocabulary. We love the work because the work leads to student success.

In chemistry, the robust lab environment accurately recreates a student’s on-campus experience through a web browser. A workbook guides students through operating the lab and evaluates their understanding along the way. The lab tools can be dragged across the screen or controlled using a user’s keyboard, which enhances the lab’s accessibility.

Quality Matters, always

OSU Ecampus students receive the highest level of academic support — and we have a national award to prove it.

The Quality Matters organization honored OSU with its Online Learner Support Certification, recognizing programs that provide “all the critical student and academic services needed for learner success and use learner feedback to continuously improve those services.”

In the bigger picture, QM helps Oregon State assure the quality of Ecampus courses through a continuous improvement model.

You belong here

Take the next step and learn more about the courses and programs delivered online by Oregon State Ecampus.

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  • Arailym says:

    Wanted to know more about online classes and degrees ( Public Health major)

  • Carly Johansen says:

    Hi there, so glad to hear you’re interested in a public health degree!

    You can dig deeper into out public health and related options here: If you have questions, you can reach out to us via phone, email or chat (contact into can be found at the top of this page: ).

    We hope to see you in a student feature of your own soon!

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