Summer 2008 Issue

Tips for posting exams in Blackboard

Blackboard TipsThe Project Development & Training team (PDT) at Ecampus can post your exams for you. Email the exam to Dianna Fisher or Mandy Misner.

Below are some tips on submitting exams. These tips will help get the exams posted and will decrease the chance of errors. You may also visit our Testing site in Faculty Services.

It is important to know that completing the Proctor Request Form does not automatically enter those settings in the course. Those settings also need to be sent along with the exam.


Name of exam: Quiz 1, Midterm, etc.

Clear notes for the setting:

  • Please remember to include the settings when submitting an exam to PDT for posting
  • Date and time for exam to open and close
  • Point value for each question
  • If proctored, include the password
  • Time limit for exam

The description and instructions for the exam:
This is the description and instructions for the students who are taking the exam.

The exam questions and answers:
It is helpful and decreases the possibilities of errors if questions and answers are submitted on the same document.

For more information, feel free to contact Mandy Misner either by email or 541-737-9341.

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