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February 11, 2009

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David Scott ArnoldTransferring a love for teaching to the Web

Dr. David Scott Arnold is an instructor of philosophy both online and on-site.  Spend a moment learning what Dr. Arnold has learned from his online course experiences and why he believes he gets the best of both worlds.  Read the article.




Blackboard 8 training and tips

If you missed one of our Blackboard 8 training sessions in December, be sure view a recording of the online session to see what has been upgraded in this latest version of the course management system.  The recording covers how to use the new Grade Center and introduces the Self and Peer Assessment feature.

Looking for help adding extra credit in the Grade Center?  Create a new column for extra credit and set the "points possible" to zero.  By setting the points possible to zero, those who do not submit extra credit will not have it count against their grade.  Then, update any related "total" or "weighted total" columns (by choosing "modify" column) to include the new column.  When modifying the column, in section 3 you will need to choose to include in the total “selected grade columns, calculated columns and categories.”  Then manually select all of the grade columns or categories you want included in the total grade. Blackboard will not include the extra credit column if you leave the selection as “all grade columns.”  

Web ConferencingResources for free web conferencing

Have you wanted to web conference with your students using something more than "chat" or "whiteboard" in the Virtual Classroom of Blackboard? There are some free web conferencing packages available that allow the use of voice in addition to chat.

Read this review of some of the features.

iLibrarian provides another point of view.

We will be adding different Teaching Resources to our website as we find them.

If you have found a good resource for web conferencing that you would like to share with others, please contact Dianna Fisher and she will post the information.

Online EditingEditing final grades online

Changes can be made to a student's final grade or an incomplete can be removed conveniently online through OSU Online Services.  For help with this process or to learn more about the policies on changing grades and incompletes, visit Ecampus page on Grading.


Thank you for taking a few moments to read the winter 2009 edition of Ecampus eFaculty News.

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