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January 11, 2011

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OSU Academic Calendar

Lisa TempletonA New Year and Bright Future 

Lisa Templeton, Ecampus Executive Director 

Welcome to a new term and New Year. It's important to reflect on the past few years, and consider how education and technology have mutually and rapidly evolved and, moreover, to consider how online and distance education will continue to develop and impact people throughout the world.

Several of us from Ecampus attended the 2010 Sloan Consortium Conference in October.

In this issue, you'll find a link to the Sloan-C Annual Report, which addresses issues such as the projected growth and anticipated learner demand for ongoing development and availability of accredited online education.

Best wishes in this New Year.

Lisa Templeton
OSU Extended Campus Executive Director

Arabic Course Design: Make Your Online Courses More Interactive

A benefit of leading an online course is the opportunity to utilize interactive technologies to deliver a lesson. We've compiled some examples of interactive lessons that Ecampus has partnered with faculty to develop, and are sharing them with you to inspire new ideas for your own courses.

We collected some insights from Warren Blythe, Multimedia Developer on the Ecampus Course Development and Training Team, as to how these interactive lessons can enhance a course.

FW 302 - Simulation Whale Dive
Click here to see the activity.

For this class, the instructor and teaching assistant had a spreadsheet of data recorded from a real sperm whale's dive (recorded from a radio transmitter attached to the whale's side). But as a giant excel spreadsheet, the data was pretty dry. They hoped we could somehow ''bring the data to life'' so that students would be more involved in comprehending the data's significance.

Quite a few classes already have an abundance of raw data, which instructors would like their students to more fully explore and consider. Tutorials like this are a quick and easy way to bring a spreadsheet to life.

ARAB 111 - Alphabet Soundboard

View the soundboard lesson here. 

The instructor had already recorded a video, wherein students spoke each character aloud and drew it on a piece of paper. While this did a great job of exposing the student to the teacher, and conveyed a lot of personality, we decided it would be useful to also offer a tool that was faster to access and reference.

We made a soundboard, which lets you click both the character and its proper name, to play the appropriate sound recording. Students can see and interact with all of the alphabet's characters at once, so they can easily jump around and compare pronunciation/names as they please.

It is often useful and engaging to combine written/visuals with audio feedback. Language instructors will benefit from a tool like this, while instructors of other course topics have expressed an interest in similar tools just to highlight sets of terms or photos.

For questions about adding interactive features to your course, contact Warren Blythe or Dianna Fisher.

SoundCloudTech Alert: SoundCloud - Adding Audio to Your Course

Want to create and post your own podcasts in your Blackboard course in a manner that not only communicates via audio but visually as well? 

How about a web-based solution for your students to record audio?

This online platform lets you create a free profile then record audio and share it with a community or on other channels. For example, you could even upload your recorded audio into Blackboard.

Musicians have ‘traditionally' utilized this platform, which Wikipedia describes as "an online audio distribution platform that allows musicians to collaborate, promote and distribute their music."

The site offers a tutorial that can help you imagine the ways you might utilize this community-oriented technology in your courses.

Sloan Consortium

Recent Research: Sloan Consortium Overview

Last October, members of Ecampus attended the Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning. This event is a premier global gathering where professionals in online learning discuss emerging trends.

  • OSU faculty attended presentations and panels that addressed a range of topics, such as:
  • Determining Online Teaching Readiness in New Faculty
  • Large-Scale Research on Online Learning Effectiveness
  • Running Scalable Online Learning Operations

Sloan Consortium's annual report on trends in online education that was presented and highlighted at the conference is an absolute must-read for anyone involved in online learning.

Read the entire report here. 

Cash Money

OSU Ecampus Issues Call for Grant Proposals

Ecampus is currently accepting RFP's for funding! The proposals that receive funding will aim to further research, development, and scholarship of faculty and/or departments in the area of distance education. The funded projects will further OSU's mission of outreach and extended education.

Priority will be given to proposals that help OSU improve the effectiveness and "quality" of distance education. Development projects may, for example, include the creation of usable software tools for improving OSU distance education in general and/or for specific fields or departments.

Please email Alfonso Bradoch, Director of Department and Learner Services, for any assistance needed or questions answered, or call him at 7-9116.

HDFS Ecampus Partners with the College of Health and Human Services to Launch New HDFS Degree Online

Ecampus and the College of Health and Human Sciences have partnered to add another degree to OSU's online repertoire and launch a new online Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS).

"Our advising staff has had repeated queries from students about whether the HDFS major is available online," says Alexis Walker, HDFS department chair. "It really pleases me that they can now answer "yes" to that question."

Learn more about this new degree online...

2010 Outreach & Engagement Award Announcements

Nine members of OSU Extension Service and Ecampus received honorary Vice Provost Awards for Excellence to highlight their efforts throughout 2010 at the Annual O&E Conference in November. Congratulations to the winners and continual thanks to all who fulfill Oregon State's mission of outreach and engagement everyday:

  • Service Award: Ian Cavalier, Ecampus Lead Web Developer & Designer
  • Strategic Impact Award: Bruce Sorte, Community Economist and Instructor
  • Strategic Impact Award: Garry Stephenson, EESC Coordinator - Small Farms Program and Instructor
  • Program Support Award: Maureen Collson, Marine Science Center Administrative Program Assistant
  • Innovation Teaching Online Credit: Susana Rivera-Mills, Interim Director for Student Engagement and Diversity Advancement
  • Innovation Teaching Online Non Credit: Sue Kunda, Digital Production Librarian and Mark Anderson-Wilk, EESC Publishing Leader and Assistant Professor
  • Partnerships Innovation: Lena Etuk and the Vital Tillamook Indicator Project
  • Diversity Award: Dave Stone, Assistant Professor

Adding a Teaching Assistant to Your Ecampus Course Teaching Assistant

Vickie Bailey, Administrative Program Specialist

In order to comply with new Registrar policies regarding teaching assistants in Banner, we have deployed a new method of adding teaching assistants into Blackboard that will work for both undergraduate and graduate student TAs. Visit Blackboard's online tutorial to learn how to add your assistants.

This term, your TAs need to take the FERPA and Confidentiality Training course before these students can be added to your Ecampus course. Instructors must submit requests for individuals to take the FERPA and Confidentiality Training course.

Once the TA completes the training, instructors have additional responsibility to grant each assistant an appropriate level of access to Blackboard.

Only teaching assistants actually responsible for course instruction may be listed in Banner as an instructor. Contact Vickie Bailey to grant your TA Banner access for Ecampus courses, and be prepared to provide the subject, course number, TA's name and OSU ID number with your request.

Contact for additional information on this topic or with any questions you might have.

Thesis & Dissertation Workshop for Your StudentsTeaching Assistant

Please let your students know about the free online thesis and dissertation literature review workshop that OSU librarians are offering to Ecampus graduate students.

The workshop will be delivered via Blackboard from Monday, Feb. 21 - Monday, March 4. Currently enrolled Ecampus graduate students are eligible to participate.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read the winter 2011 edition of Ecampus eFaculty News.

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