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Check my computer

Ecampus students are expected to be familiar with computers, the internet and email. If you are interested in knowing what is needed, you can use our computer check below. This check will look at the computer you are currently using to see if it meets the minimum requirements needed for Oregon State's online and hybrid courses in Canvas.

Need computer help?

If you are an Oregon State student and need assistance with your computer setup, check the Computer Help Docs or contact the IS Service Desk.

Microsoft Office 365 at no cost

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Required hardware and software

To use Canvas, OSU students must have access to the following:

  • Operating system
    • PC: Windows 7 or newer (recommended)
    • Mac: OSX 10.6 or newer (recommended)
    • Linux: chromeOS
    • Mobile: iOS 7 or newer, Android 4.2 or newer
  • Web browser
    • Chrome 71 or newer
    • Firefox 64 or newer
    • Safari 11 or newer
    • Edge 42 or newer
  • Internet speed and computer specifications
    • A high-speed internet connection (cable, DSL or similar), minimum of 512kbps
    • A sound card and speakers
    • Adobe Reader 8 or newer
    • Adobe Flash Player 31 or newer
    • Apple QuickTime 7 or newer
    • Java 7 or newer
  • Virus protection software
    • Up-to-date virus protection software
  • Other software
    • An email account
    • Note: Ensure mail from OSU and Ecampus is not automatically blocked
    • Word processing software
    • Some classes may have specific requirements for additional software. These requirements will be listed in the course syllabus

Strongly recommended hardware

  • Webcam
    • Webcam (640x480 resolution minimum, 1280x720 resolution recommended)

To check to see if your computer meets the minimum computer specifications and browser requirements of Canvas, please click the "Check my computer" link below.

Check my computer