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This podcast was created to help OSU Ecampus students get the answers to common questions and learn more about ways they can improve their experience as online learners. Each episode, the show covers a different topic and why it matters to distance students.

Podcast introduction

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Welcome to “Going Online with Oregon State University Ecampus” – a podcast series highlighting resources and tools for online learners across the globe. I’m Eddie Rodriguez, the student engagement manager at Oregon State University Ecampus, which serves more than 13,000 online learners annually through the delivery of 100-plus online degrees and programs.

In this series I am joined by Rachael Guenthner, entry and transition advisor at South Seattle College and former OSU Ecampus student success coach. We’re glad you’re here.


Episode 1 – OSU Ecampus student spotlight: Jonathon Botts

In this episode, we are chatting with Jonathon Botts, a current Ecampus student. We’ll discuss his personal journey to Oregon State Ecampus and his academic successes and struggles. Together, we’ll explore his insights on how your study habits and learning style can impact your experience learning online.

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Episode 2 – What is academic advising?

In this episode, we’re connecting with Scott Harrington, computer science advisor at Oregon State University. We’ll discuss academic advising – what it is and how it impacts your success.

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Episode 3 – Does building a relationship with your instructors matter?

In this episode, we’re getting to know Raven Chakerian, senior instructor for Spanish and Italian online at Oregon State. We’ll talk with her about her teaching style and philosophy, and she’ll share how online students can build meaningful relationships with instructors from a distance.

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Episode 4 – Receiving support: OSU’s Center for Advocacy, Prevention & Education

Trigger Warning: This episode contains content that may be challenging to experience, especially for survivors, victims and community members who are impacted by gender-based violence.

In this episode, we’ll meet Jocelyn Kerr, a confidential survivor advocate for the Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Education, also known as CAPE, at Oregon State University. We’ll discuss the role of a confidential survivor advocate, support resources offered by CAPE and additional support for online students.

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Episode 5 – Can you engage in research as an online student?

In this episode, we’re joined by Stephanie Ramos, Associate Director & STEM Leaders Program Coordinator at Oregon State University. We’ll discuss the value of engaging in research projects as a student and the various research experiences available to online learners.

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Episode 6 – How success coaching benefits online students

In this episode, we’ll chat with Bethany Ulman, student success coach at Oregon State Ecampus. We’ll break down what success coaching is, how online students can leverage coaching in their pursuit of a degree, and the proven impact it makes for online learners.

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