Check Your Computer Results

Basic Configuration
Item Requirement Status Result
Operating System Windows or Mac (recommended) Unknown FAIL
Web Browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge Unknown FAIL
Internet Connection 512K+ recommended Connected PASS
Webcam 640x480 resolution or larger Cannot automatically detect  

Browser Capabilities
Item Requirement Status Result
Pop-ups Pop-ups enabled for this domain Click to check  
Cookies Cookies enabled for this domain No cookies detected FAIL
JavaScript W3C DOM Level 2 Support
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader 8 or newer Cannot detectFAIL
Flash Player Adobe Flash Player 31 or newer Cannot detectFAIL
QuickTime Apple QuickTime 7 or newer Cannot detectFAIL
Java Java 7 (JRE 1.7) or newer Cannot detectFAIL

Disclaimer: Oregon State Ecampus courses are continually updated. Check individual courses for the most up-to-date system requirements.

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If you are an Oregon State Ecampus student and need assistance with your computer setup, check the Computer Help Docs or contact the IS Service Desk.

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