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When is the best time to submit your application?

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Read our advice on how far in advance you should turn in all documents

By Tyler Hansen
Oct. 23, 2020

It’s never too late to continue your educational journey and earn your degree online. At Oregon State University Ecampus, we’ve had students graduate at age 24, age 74 and every age in between.

Time is on your side, and as you consider applying to learn online with Oregon State, we want to offer you some sage advice so it remains that way.

Apply a minimum of nine weeks before the start of a term

If you’re an undergraduate transfer student or someone entering their first year of college, we encourage you to submit your online application and all supporting documents nine weeks prior to the next academic quarter. Oregon State offers courses in fall, winter, spring and summer. Check the academic calendar to view our quarter-term schedule.

Please note: Application deadlines differ by program for graduate students and postbaccalaureate students. Nondegree-seeking students should submit their online application materials at least two to four weeks prior to the start of a term.

Check the schedule of classes for course availability before you apply.

Nine weeks may seem like a long time, but trust us on this one

It’s important to give yourself time to complete the online application and gather supporting documents, such as official transcripts from previous institutions.

The nine-week window allows Oregon State’s Office of Admissions sufficient time to evaluate your application and transcripts. It also builds in time for you to register for classes and order and receive course materials.

In communicating with the OSU Ecampus enrollment services specialists, many future students share how eager they are to begin taking classes online as soon as possible. Meeting this nine-week deadline will ensure that you can start when you want to.

Use our other helpful resources as you prepare to apply

The Ecampus website — combined with the knowledge of our team of enrollment specialists — is a treasure trove of information that will help you confidently navigate the online application process.

Browse our before-you-apply guide for information on how your previously earned credits might transfer, applying for financial aid, how to use military tuition benefits, our student support system and more.

And remember: We’re eager to answer your questions and help you keep moving forward on your educational journey.

Discover more about learning online with nationally ranked Oregon State Ecampus.

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