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Four tips for enrolling online with Oregon State Ecampus

We know that going back to school is a big commitment, both in time and energy, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips you can navigate through as you take the next step toward enrolling online with us at Oregon State Ecampus.

Melissa Whitney, an Ecampus enrollment services specialist, sits in front of her desk computer smiling and wearing a headset.

Getting to know Melissa Whitney

“I get excited to be a part of someone’s decision to go back to school. I know personally how difficult of a decision that can be, so it is awesome to work with people who are motivated to complete the degree they started five, 10, maybe even 30 years ago! It’s inspirational to hear the reasons they want to finish what they started,” says OSU Ecampus Enrollment Services Specialist Melissa Whitney.

Two Ecampus enrollment specialists in an office space wearing phone headsets.

You are not alone 

We understand that the decision to return to college – or enroll for the first time – is a major one. That’s why we have a whole team here to assist you throughout your academic process, from enrolling to graduation.

Amy Theis sits on gray stone stairs and leans against a black handrail.

Getting to know Amy Theis

Oregon State Ecampus enrollment marketing manager By Heather Turner    July 14, 2016 As the enrollment marketing manager for Oregon State Ecampus, Amy Theis works to improve the student experience with higher education by demystifying the enrollment process, creating institutional efficiencies and actively pursuing initiatives that provide greater access and preparatory measure for potential students. […]