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Academic advisors are vital to the success of OSU Ecampus students

Without the constant support of her academic advisor, Ashley Hatleberg said she would have quit school. It’s as simple as that.

But while pursuing her natural resources bachelor’s degree online with Oregon State University Ecampus, quitting was never a real option.

That’s because her advisor was with her every step of the way — helping Hatleberg to manage her academic plans, overcome obstacles and connect with a variety of student resources.

“I had a lot of self-discipline, but I wanted to do as much as I could and finish as soon as possible. Then I would get burned out,” Hatleberg said. “A lot of things changed once McKenzie Huber became my advisor. She helped me settle down and keep a good pace. She always told me that we’d get through it.”

Did you notice that? “We’d get through it.” Learning online with Oregon State isn’t a solo journey because your student support staff extends throughout the OSU community.

The one-on-one connection between student and advisor often creates meaningful working relationships. Just take a look at what Hatleberg’s advisor wrote about her when she graduated.

“Ashley is such a huge success story,” wrote Huber, who is now Oregon State’s baccalaureate core director. “Just another true story of the adversity people have in their lives and how hard they work to earn their degrees. Crying a little thinking about her!”

Academic advisors are immensely important to the overall student experience. Here are three of the many reasons why, based on insights from longtime Ecampus student success coach Bethany Ulman.

1. Academic advisors help set manageable expectations.

Your academic advisor will work with you to create a detailed, realistic plan so you can determine how much time and the financial investment your program will require. This helps keep students on track for graduation and, as was the case with Hatleberg, can prevent burnout from occurring.

2. They provide useful career guidance.

Many OSU Ecampus students have a career in mind when they enroll online, but finding the right combination of classes to get them the knowledge and skills they need sometimes requires an expert’s touch.

Enter: academic advisors.

Yours will help you determine which classes make the most sense for your career goals (and degree requirements) as well as how to get the most out of those courses — all the while providing additional career support.

3. They can help you tap into all the right resources.

The best advisors can hear what’s in between what students share and help direct them to the resource that will have the most impact. Whether it’s petitions, academic resources, tutoring and everything in between, advisors can help you find what you need.

Because online learners don’t have the luxury of walking into a campus building and knocking on an office door, Oregon State’s advisors will help bridge the physical distance by taking the time to understand your unique needs and doing what it takes to guide you along the road to success.

To build your relationship with Oregon State, start the journey online today.

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