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Elena Moffet

Elena Moffet is a writer for Oregon State University Ecampus. She enjoys writing stories that help people imagine better possibilities for themselves, their communities and the world at large.

Making the connections you need as an online student

By Elena Moffet When it comes to earning a degree online, an initial concern we often hear from prospective students is whether the experience will be isolating or lonely. They wonder if they need to attend in person to build friendships or engage meaningfully with their instructors. But that just isn’t the case. Time and Making the connections you need as an online student

Oregon State surveys students, collects local data to advocate for zero-cost textbooks

The results from a 2018 Florida survey found that 64%-66% of students often don’t buy the required textbook for a course. These numbers didn’t surprise Stefanie Buck, director of Oregon State’s Open Educational Resources Unit. But they didn’t satisfy her either. Buck wanted to get a better understanding of how textbook costs affect Oregon State students specifically. To find out, she ran a modified version of the Florida survey at OSU. The results offered four key takeaways.