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OSU faculty, staff to receive awards from Ecampus for dedication to student experience

Showcasing Oregon State Ecampus excellence with 2022 Ecampus Awards

May 5, 2022

For the sixth year in a row, Oregon State Ecampus is proud to honor the university’s exemplary faculty and staff with the Ecampus Awards. Their commitment to an outstanding student experience is what makes Ecampus different from other online institutions.

OSU faculty and staff help Ecampus push the boundaries of online education and virtual student support. Thanks to their devotion to innovation and creating deep personal connections, Ecampus students around the world succeed, time and again. Because that’s the core of what we do – helping students achieve their goals. We work with more than 1,000 Oregon State partners to make those goals a reality every year.

So, join us in a virtual standing ovation for this year’s six outstanding recipients of the 2022 Ecampus Awards for their commitment to quality, excellence and student success.

Ecampus innovation award

The Ecampus Innovation Award recognizes innovations in online courses in the fields of design, pedagogy and media development. This year, two people will receive Ecampus Innovation awards.

Nicole (Nikki) Brown, College of Business

Nicole (Nikki) Brown poses for a photo taken from the shoulders up.

Nicole (Nikki) Brown, College of Business

The first 2022 Ecampus Innovation Award goes to Nikki Brown in the College of Business. For her Marketing 492/592 course, Nikki’s vision to create a docuseries about the founders of the revolutionary market research firm Ethos was a love letter to ethnographic market research. It also proved to be an unrivaled way for students to engage with the course material.

The series included personal connection and a truly prolific amount of archival materials. Nikki managed to procure all of this during a time when traditional interviews were not possible due to COVID. Nikki also created over a dozen lectures and worked with our web team to create an interactive Consumer Data Team Tool.

Staci Bronson, College of Science

Staci Bronson poses in a blue blouse in front of a leafy tree

Staci Bronson, College of Science

The second 2022 Ecampus Innovation Award goes to Staci Bronson in the College of Science. Staci has earned a reputation for jumping in with both feet. Staci was new to OSU at the start of the new Anatomy and Physiology series, BI 254, 255 and 256.

That did not stop her from pioneering to bring these courses online for the first time. Nor did it deter her from creating a wide variety of course materials ranging from high quality video to hundreds of 3D scanned bones for interactive lab work and other engaging activities for students.

Ecampus appreciation award

The Ecampus Appreciation Award recognizes an outstanding campus partner who has worked with Ecampus to make a substantial, positive impact on our programs and students.

Carley Ries smiles at the camera in a black turtleneck and a statement necklace.

Carley Ries, College of Engineering

Carley Ries, College of Engineering

The 2022 Ecampus Appreciation Award goes to Carley Ries in the College of Engineering, for serving as a critical link between Ecampus and the College of Engineering. She has helped lead the addition of a variety of online computer science degrees to the CS portfolio.

Carley is also committed to the continuous improvement of all of the programs she oversees, some of the largest Ecampus programs, by student headcount. To quote her nomination statement, “Carley is a dynamo.”

Ecampus Excellence in Online Teaching and Student Engagement Award

The 2022 Ecampus Excellence in Online Teaching and Student Engagement Award recognizes three faculty members who exemplify excellence in online teaching and student engagement.  Current online student nominations determine the recipients of these awards.

This year, more than 200 students nominated 40+ faculty members for this award.

2022 Ecampus Excellence in Online Teaching and Student Engagement Awards go to Mika Archer, Aaron Lewis and Tenisha Tevis.

Mika Archer smiles at the camera wearing dangly earrings and a silk scarf.

Mika Archer, College of Liberal Arts

Mika Archer, College of Liberal Arts

Mika Archer was nominated for her unwavering kindness and deeply personal approach to student success. Students say that they feel Mika truly cares about them as people, not just students. She gets to know them and goes out of her way to ensure they love learning Japanese. Mika has worked to bring more coursework online for students unable to attend OSU in person.

One student said, “I can’t imagine learning Japanese with another professor! Time and time again Mika has bent over backwards to help me, and I’m forever grateful.”

Aaron Lewis, College of Business

Aaron Lewis stands for a headshot in front of a while background in a light colored collared shirt.

Aaron Lewis, College of Business

Aaron Lewis was nominated for his meticulous course, extensive communication and enthusiasm for his subject area, and he remains devoted to providing an outstanding student experience. He fosters personal connections with students and provides thoughtful answers to their questions. Aaron is committed to creating applied learning opportunities as well, encouraging students to use their learning in the professional realm.

One nomination for Aaron said, “Professor Lewis tailors his online classes with careful planning. My professional life improved tremendously because of what I learned in his class.”

Tenisha Tevis, College of Education

Tenisha Tevis was nominated for her commitment to challenging systemic racism and inherent bias in courses that

Tenisha Tevis smiles for a photo in a dark turtleneck in front of a darker blurred background wearing long earrings.

Tenisha Tevis, College of Education

traditionally do not take on these challenging topics. Her Adult and Higher Education Leadership courses “pop the hood” on education in a way that encourages students to confront their own thinking, and she encourages them to ask her questions they may not otherwise voice.

Tenisha is known to challenge the status quo in her coursework, and students say they’ve become better people because of her. One student said, “[Dr. Tevis] stretched my thinking and meaning-making in ways that none of my best efforts have accomplished while trying to do the work myself.”

Congratulations to these 2022 Quality Matters honorees

We also would like to recognize Oregon State faculty members whose Ecampus courses were recently certified or recertified by the Quality Matters organization. QM is the gold standard in online course design, and we’re proud to honor these instructors who went the extra mile to ensure excellence in their online classes:

  • Lori McGraw, College of Health, HDFS 444, HDFS 461, & HDFS 447
  • Erica Woekel, College of Health, HHS 231
  • Dan Roberson, College of Health, HHS 231
  • Sunyoung Kim, College of Liberal Arts, KOR 111
  • Meta Landys, College of Science, Z 423
  • Michele Swift, College of Business, MGMT 453/553
  • Alyssa DuVal, College of Agricultural Sciences, CROP 200

QM focuses on the design of online and hybrid classes, as opposed to the delivery or content of the courses.

To discover how Oregon State faculty members develop award-winning online learning experiences, connect with the Ecampus staff and explore the support resources available to you.

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