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Ecampus grads share their advice on returning to college online

A group of four women stand together, smiling. From left to right, the women include Carolyn Breece, Melissa Milhollin, Velda Hendricks (Ecampus graduate) and Deanna Lloyd. The staff pictured here made returning to college a breeze for Velda.

Velda Hendricks (center, right) found a strong online support network through Oregon State University Ecampus. Pictured here with her College of Agricultural Sciences support team (from left to right): Carolyn Breece, Melissa Millhollin, Velda and Deanna Lloyd.

8 tips for deciding to go back to school and more

By Carly Johansen

Meet the Oregon State University Ecampus graduate. To an outsider, they are confident in their decisions, succeeding at work and stellar at managing a seemingly endless to-do list without breaking a sweat.

They may not always view themselves this way, but that’s because they started where you are now. Looking for inspiration.

What would it take for you to inspire yourself? Maybe it would be taking on new challenges or moving up in your professional field. Maybe it would be finishing something you started a long time ago. If any of those tasks would do the trick, one solution could be earning or returning to college to finish your degree online.

Recently, we asked a collection of recent Ecampus grads for advice on deciding to go back to school and juggling life while taking classes online with Oregon State. Their answers just might inspire you to keep working toward becoming the version of yourself you aspire to be.

On making the first move toward getting your degree

For when things get challenging

    “When you begin to doubt yourself, remember all those who have gone before you and made it to the end, many who might have had even less experience than you. Come up with a game plan and take it one day at a time.”
    Blake Lester B.S. in Computer Science

    “The road to success is not always easy. But, go with an open mind and determination. Even on your bad days remember the goal ahead.”
    Velda Hendricks, B.S. in Agricultural Sciences

    “Relax and just keep a level head. Stay grounded, calm and focused. It’s going to be more rewarding than difficult.”
    Sarah Newton, B.A. in Sociology

When you need a little motivation

    “The person you’ll be after sacrificing so much to earn this degree is someone that you’ll be proud of.”
    Zak Evans MBA in Business Analytics

    “Your work life will be completely changed for the better by the time you’re done with this. The short-term sacrifice now is worth it for the longer-term security it will provide.”
    Anthony Fiore, B.S. in Computer Science

Ready to return to college?

If these Oregon State alumni have helped you decide that returning to college to earn your degree online is the right move for you, we’d love to be a part of your journey. Reach out to our enrollment services specialists today, and take the next step toward future you.

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