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Meet the Ecampus student ambassadors

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Your resource for firsthand Ecampus student experience, advice and more

By Carly Johansen

Jennifer wanted to go back to school, and she wanted to do it online. But she didn’t know how she was going to juggle her full-time career, caring for her family and this new commitment to her education.

What she needed most was to hear from someone who had done what she wanted to accomplish — and someone who believed she could do it, too. That’s when she reached out to the Oregon State University Ecampus student ambassadors.

The Ecampus student ambassadors helped answer all of Jennifer’s questions and reassured her about going back to school to complete her degree online — because they’d been in her shoes. The ambassador program is designed specifically to assist people just like Jennifer.

Oregon State Ecampus has a team of full-time, dedicated enrollment services specialists who answer technical questions related to program requirements, the application process, transfer information and more.

In addition to those experts, there is a team of active students who serve as ambassadors. The Ecampus student ambassadors provide firsthand online student experience and advice that many prospective students search for before they decide to enroll.

Meet this year’s Ecampus ambassadors

Erin Traub

Erin Traub smiles at the camera, holding a white, fluffy golden doodle puppy.Erin Traub is a senior pursuing a B.S. in Psychology online. She hails from Virginia, and she is always willing to share her extensive online learning experience, having worked toward her high school diploma online as well.

She found psychology through a love of working with children, which she discovered as she paid her way through school. Erin spends her spare time volunteering with her therapy dogs in her local community and traveling.

After she graduates from Oregon State, she hopes to work in mental health guidance or higher education.

“I started at OSU right out of high school and was so nervous not only to start college, but to start college from almost 2,800 miles away,” says Traub. “What I love most about my job as a student ambassador is that I get to help other students who may be like me, nervous and not sure what to expect.

“I get to help guide prospective students and help them get started at a college that may change their lives the way it’s changed mine.”

Annmarie Floyd

Annmarie Floyd smiles at the camera, wearing glasses and a black shirt.Annmarie Floyd is a junior from Oregon, pursuing her B.S. in Marketing online. She is a mother of two young boys and adept at juggling being a student with everything else life throws her way.

Annmarie developed an interest in marketing through entrepreneurial aspirations and a curiosity for how consumers’ brains work. Whether she applies that knowledge to corporate life or starting her own business, she is eager to put her expanding skill set to use after graduation.

“I was driven to be a student ambassador by my deep desire to help people. I had a rocky start to my college path, and if I had access to what OSU had to offer when I was starting out, I would likely have graduated a while ago,” Annmarie says. “I’ve found so much love and support through Oregon State, and I want others to know what is available to them if they decide to be an Ecampus student. I want to help make a difference in someone’s life.”

Connect with an ambassador

The Ecampus student ambassadors host regular webinars to discuss their Oregon State experience and give prospective students an opportunity to ask questions, learn about specific programs and get perspective on how to successfully handle student life.

If you’d like to connect, you can schedule an appointment that works for your schedule to chat about all things Ecampus and OSU.

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