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Want to transfer to an Oregon State online business program? Start here

Aerial image of Austin Hall on the Oregon State University campus

Oregon State’s College of Business is housed in Austin Hall on the Corvallis campus, and its students span the globe, taking classes online with OSU Ecampus.

Tap into pre-admission services offered by OSU’s College of Business

By Tyler Hansen

Every decision you make in your academic career is important, and transferring to another institution is chief among them.

A variety of unknowns come into play when you switch schools. Understandably, you will want and need some answers before you make a final decision.

Enter your College of Business support team.

The transfer advisors in Oregon State University’s esteemed College of Business support prospective students interested in transferring to business programs that are delivered online by Oregon State Ecampus or in person on the Corvallis campus. This includes community college students in OSU’s Degree Partnership Program (DPP).

The College of Business offers a growing collection of programs online and in a hybrid format through Oregon State Ecampus, the university’s nationally ranked provider of online education.

The transfer advisors in the COB’s Career Success Center provide a one-stop shop where future Oregon State students can ask questions and find support in navigating the admissions process. Here’s a sampling of the services they offer before and after you apply:

  • Unofficial credit evaluations
  • Pre-admissions guidance to help boost chances of admission
  • Evaluating academic programs offered by the COB
  • Navigating OSU’s admissions process
  • One-on-one advising
  • Support in selecting appropriate COB courses once admitted (or while enrolled as a DPP student)

On top of that, the COB’s Center for Advancing Financial Education provides resources to help students develop a plan to pay for college.

Check out these additional insights from the COB transfer team and learn about the support that will help you seamlessly transfer to learning online at Oregon State.

What tips do you have for online business students who are beginning the transfer process to Oregon State?

“Ask questions. There are so many individuals that want to help you succeed. Higher education is confusing, and for transfer students, having to navigate two or more colleges, it can add another layer of confusion.

“Also, once you become a student, engage with your instructors and check in with your Ecampus advisor. Resources within the College of Business and OSU can support students in reaching their academic and career goals.

“Finally, the earlier you can start the admission process ahead of wanting to start at OSU, the smoother the transition will be.”

Why is Oregon State a good destination for community college and other types of transfer students interested in online business degrees?

“Typically transfer students aren’t able to connect with a transfer advisor, receive an unofficial credit evaluation and get support directly from the college that houses their program of interest prior to being an admitted student. Oftentimes, to receive many of these services, a student must apply for admission and be admitted.

“The COB recognizes that the more information and support students have ahead of even applying for admission, it will hopefully make the process streamlined and keep the student informed.”

Which support resources do you wish more Ecampus online business students knew they have access to?

“Ecampus business students have many of the same resources as campus-based students, but it does mean Ecampus students have to take a little more initiative. For example, if a student wants to further discuss career opportunities, work on their résumé, view job postings, the COB Career Success Center is a great resource.

What are some of the most common questions from students?

“The most common question is, ‘How do my previously completed college credits transfer into OSU and the COB, and how many credits remain?’ ” Beyond this, other common questions include the costs associated with their education, how proctored exams work, scholarship opportunities and more details on available programs.”

In 12 words or fewer, what’s the No. 1 key to succeeding as an Ecampus online business student?

“Asking questions and outreaching for support at the first sign of uncertainty.”

Discover more about studying business online with nationally ranked Oregon State Ecampus.

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  • Tamala Smith says:

    I am curious how my previously completed college classes will transfer into this program?

  • Molly says:

    Hello Tamala,

    The College of Business offers pre-admission advising for transfer students, where they can evaluate your previously completed college courses to determine how you may transfer in to the degree programs.

    Connect with College of Business transfer advisors by sending an email to:

    Do let us know if we can help with questions about applying to our degree programs. You can reach Ecampus enrollment services at or via phone at 800-667-1465.

    Ecampus enrollment services specialist

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