Admissions: B.S. in Computer Science – Online (Post-baccalaureate)

This is a post-baccalaureate program, meaning you will earn a second bachelor's degree after completing all degree requirements.

Admissions requirements

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum accumulated GPA of 2.25 in your existing Bachelor’s degree
  • Personal statement of 150 to 200 words describing how your past academic performance meets the admission requirements, current occupation and your motivation for pursuing the computer science degree

Students must also meet the minimum math, writing and communication or English proficiency if they are international students.

Math requirements

Applicants must have completed one or more of the following math requirements at the time of application. Please use OSU Transfer Course Search if you have questions regarding a math course equivalency to MTH 111 or above.

Math courseOSU course equivalency and grade requirements from your existing degree
College algebra or pre-calculus MTH 111 with B or above
College statistics ST 314 with a C or above
Calculus or above MTH 241, MTH 245, MTH 251, MTH 252 and above with a C or above
AP Calculus Minimum test score of 3; must be on the transcript or submitted along with the application to OSU admissions

Writing and communication requirements

Applicants must meet both writing and communication requirements. International applicants must demonstrate English proficiency with a passing TOEFL score.

Writing and communication coursesOSU course equivalency and grade requirements
Written English WR 121 with a C or above
Communication COMM 111 or COMM 114 with a C or above

NOTE: Meeting the minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee your admission.

Application process

OSU CS online degree student story: Susan Lee Play

Susan Lee talks about why she chose to leave her career and return to school to pursue a degree in computer science online with Oregon State Ecampus.

All degree-seeking students applying to Oregon State University go through our online application process. This includes setting up a login account, filling out the online application form and paying a $60 nonrefundable fee. You will be applying as a postbacc student.

Please visit OSU's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science website for more detail on the requirements and the application process.


The following deadlines will be enforced for postbacc applications to Oregon State's computer science online program. All prerequisite course work must be completed by the corresponding date:

  • Winter term – Nov. 1
  • Spring term Feb. 1
  • Summer term May 1
  • Fall term (beginning in 2016) Aug. 1

Note: If a deadline date falls on a weekend or holiday, the application deadline is automatically extended to the next business day.

Current OSU students

If you are a current Oregon State student enrolled in another bachelor's degree program at OSU, you can participate in this program as a double-degree student. Please contact Ecampus for more information.


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