2007 Ecampus Graduates

Benjamin Craig-Taking Steps Forward

B.S. in Natural Resources

Benjamin Craig

Benjamin Craig with his son at Graduation 2007.

2007 OSU Extended Campus graduate Benjamin Craig discovered his desire to begin a career in natural resources in the late 90s. When he got a job as a forest engineer in Washington State, he learned a bachelor's degree in the field would boost his position in the office. Because of family and work commitments, Benjamin looked for a way to complete his education among his other responsibilities.

"I went with OSU because I was able to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and they have a much better reputation than the other colleges that I could have gone to," Benjamin says.

With his new Ecampus degree, wedding plans in the works and a 3-month-old son, Benjamin will take a break from education for a while to enjoy his new family and free time.

The best aspect of Ecampus for Benjamin allowed him to learn more about his field of study while still working and expanding on his career.

"I liked that I was able to earn my degree without having to leave my career," Benjamin says.

There was another personal reason that prompted Benjamin to get his education closer to home. "I bought a house about a year before I began working towards my bachelor's degree," he says. "I felt that selling the house and quitting my job in order to earn the degree would be taking a step backwards."

At this year's OSU graduation on June 17 in Corvallis, Benjamin enjoyed meeting Ecampus instructors and seeing the campus. For advice for those interested in distance learning through OSU Ecampus, Benjamin notes that although it takes a lot of sacrifice, there are boundless rewards. "Keep in mind it will all be worth it when you graduate."

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