Graduation 2007

2007 Ecampus Graduates Make the Trek to Commencement

Deborah Barnhart and Theresa Culbertson

Deborah Barnhart and Theresa Culbertson celebrate the completion of their Master's in Adult Education degrees at the 2007 Ecampus graduation reception.

During the 2006-07 academic year, 87 students finished their degrees through Extended Campus, as compared to 71 in 2005-06 and 49 in 2004-05. Ecampus students who attended commencement in Corvallis on June 17, journeyed from Illinois, New Mexico and California, as well as several locations throughout Oregon.

Ecampus students received bachelor’s degrees in General Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Liberal Studies and Natural Resources, as well as master’s degrees in Education. Way to go, grads!

Spotlighted Ecampus Graduates

Amy Ammer - BS Natural Resources Career Update!
Heather Andrews- BA Liberal Studies
Deborah Barnhart- Ed.M. Adult Education
Linda Becker- MAT Elementary Education
R. Mary Jo Cancilla- BS Liberal Studies
Rosanne Chiddick- BS Liberal Studies
Benjamin Craig- BS Natural Resources
Theresa Culbertson- Ed.M. Adult Education
David Disselhorst- BS General Agriculture
Amber Harrison- BS Liberal Studies
Corina Hayes- BS Natural Resources
Kathy Pierre- BS Liberal Studies
Leonard Rice- BS Natural Resources, Cum Laude
Steve Slover- Ed.M. Adult Education
Carol Snaza- BS Liberal Studies

To read more about previous Ecampus grads, visit the Student Profiles page. For information about Ecampus Commencement 2008, visit Graduation Information. Find more info about all of our Degrees and Programs.

List of 2006-07 Ecampus Graduates by Term

Fall 2006

Carter, Monica - BS Environmental Science
Eichman, Jamie - BS Environmental Science
Smith, Paula - BS Environmental Science
White, Joseph - BS Environmental Science
Valladao, Roberta - BS Natural Resources

Winter 2007

Roessler, Andrew - EdM Adult Education
White, Christina - EdM Adult Education
Shambaugh, Scott - BS Environmental Science
Sylvester, Trinity - BS Environmental Science
Kern, Sibilla - BA Liberal Studies, Summa Cum Laude
McManus, Carey - BA Liberal Studies
Bailie, Matthew - BS Liberal Studies
Graham, Sandra - BS Liberal Studies, Summa Cum Laude
Madison, Molly - BS Liberal Studies
Streeter, Natalie - BS Liberal Studies, Cum Laude
Zahradnik, David - BS Liberal Studies
Christopher, Tarri - BS Natural Resources, Summa Cum Laude
Kobialka, Teri - BS Natural Resources
White, Boyd - BS Natural Resources

Spring 2007

Barnhart, Deborah - EdM Adult Education
Burkhart, Joyce - EdM Adult Education
Caldwell, Bruce - EdM Adult Education
Campbell, Wendy - EdM Adult Education
Culbertson, Theresa - EdM Adult Education
Downhill, Shari - EdM Adult Education
Hagedorn, Jessica - EdM Adult Education
Holmquist, Joan - EdM Adult Education
Jones, Karen - EdM Adult Education
Moser, Susan - EdM Adult Education
Reese, George - EdM Adult Education
Roberts, Danette - EdM Adult Education
Slover, Steven - EdM Adult Education
Stuhldryer, Jennifer - EdM Adult Education
Swearingen, Creta - EdM Adult Education
West, Darlene - EdM Adult Education
Boone, Karla - EdM Education
Campbell, Glenn - EdM Education
Dunbar, Shallyn - EdM Education
Tapaha, Oliver - EdM Education
Becker, Linda - MAT Elementary Education
Dark, Tami - MAT Elementary Education
Heckard, Sondra - MAT Elementary Education
Larsen, Lise - MAT Elementary Education
Powell, Heathre - MAT Elementary Education
Summers Lee, Renae - MAT Elementary Education
Burt, Valerie - BS Environmental Science
Compton, Adam - BS Environmental Science
Miller, William - BS Environmental Science
Smith, Adam - BS Environmental Science
De Splinter, Barry - BS General Agriculture
Nemnich, Jessica - BS General Agriculture, Summa Cum Laude
Matthews, Grant - BA Liberal Studies, Summa Cum Laude
Rodriguez, Gerardina - BA Liberal Studies
Seput, Kit -BA Liberal Studies
Cancilla, R. Mary Jo - BS Liberal Studies
Dedlow, Mandy - BS Liberal Studies
Hammack, Meghan - BS Liberal Studies
Harrison, Amber - BS Liberal Studies
Maloney, Matthew - BS Liberal Studies
Pierre, Kathy - BS Liberal Studies
Snaza, Carol - BS Liberal Studies
Ammer, Amy - BS Natural Resources
Craig, Benjamin - BS Natural Resources
Hayes, Corina - BS Natural Resources
Koonce, Shawn - BS Natural Resources
Lavadour, Greta - BS Natural Resources
McClure, Sara - BS Natural Resources, Magna Cum Laude
Mico, Cara - BS Natural Resources
Monk, Chanda - BS Natural Resources, Summa Cum Laude
Nye, Jody - BS Natural Resources, Cum Laude
Rice, Leonard - BS Natural Resources, Cum Laude
Shelley, Melissa - BS Natural Resources, Magna Cum Laude

Summer 2007

Dreibelbis, Marsha - BS Environmental Science
Keller, Crystal - BS Environmental Science, Magna Cum Laude
Richard, Hannah - BS Environmental Science
Black, Joanne - BS Liberal Studies
Cancino, Jaime - BS Liberal Studies
Hudson, William - BS Liberal Studies
Rodriguez, Amanda- BS Liberal Studies, Cum Laude
Saldana, Norma - BS Liberal Studies
Twiss, Gregory - BS Liberal Studies, Cum Laude
Lindeen, Timothy - BS Natural Resources
Piltz, Sandra - BS Natural Resources, Magna Cum Laude
Seemayer, Tina - BS Natural Resources, Summa Cum Laude
Tyus, Arthur - BS Natural Resources