2007 Ecampus Graduates

Kathy Pierre-Focal Point

B.S. in Liberal Studies

Kathy Pierre and Son

Kathy Pierre gets a hug from her son after completing her degree on June 17.

Although 2007 OSU Extended Campus graduate Kathy Pierre had some detours when pursuing higher education, she never took her eyes off her goal of earning a bachelor's degree.

"Completing my degree is an achievement that has been a focal point in my life," Kathy says. "I graduated from high school knowing that I wanted to go to college. I was unable to fulfill that dream when I was younger due to finances and personal challenges that stood in the way. When I was 26 I started on my long journey towards a degree."

In continuing on her path, Kathy now has a plan for her future, which came to her during the 2007 OSU graduation ceremony. "I decided that I wanted to eventually fulfill my desire to paint and sell paintings," Kathy says. "Right then and there, I pulled out my PDA and registered a domain name. I will always know the day that I began my second journey towards fulfilling the role God created for me."

To get where she is now, Kathy knew that a degree would help supplement her life. She found that it could be possible through Ecampus' online programs. "I chose online classes because this enabled me to still be available to work to support my young family and to be there when my children were home from school," Kathy says. "I am a single mother of three. I worked full time to support my family while still attending school full-time."

Even though online degree programs and classes don't allow much face-to-face interaction in a classroom setting, Kathy still found that she received the help and individual care she required. "The most helpful tool that Ecampus offered was the online tutoring," Kathy says. "I couldn't have passed my math class if it were not for that service. I could access it at midnight if I wanted, and someone was always there."

On June 17, Kathy traveled to the OSU campus in Corvallis to participate in the graduation ceremony. As an Ecampus grad, she offers this advice for interested students: "My advice to anyone seeking a degree online is to remember that this is your journey. You take from it what you can and remember that it is not a typical college experience. It will broaden your ability to accept people as thinking creatures, rather than judging them from the masks we meet in person."

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