2010 Ecampus Graduates

Ashley Bolling

B.S. Environmental Sciences
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Sheila Allen

What does completing your degree mean to you? How do you feel it will improve your life and career? Completing my degree gives me a sense of accomplishment; it opened up new avenues that I wouldn't have had access to otherwise. Completing my degree also allows me to gain access to the career I have so long dreamed of since childhood -- a career in wildlife biology.

Why did you choose to complete your degree online through OSU Extended Campus? What did you like about this method of education? My freshman year, I attended OSU on campus and missed my family very much. I attended OSU on campus fall term of my sophomore year, but I still missed my family. I decided to try OSU Extended Campus during winter term so I could be with my family but still receive the education that I wanted. I discovered that I liked online education because it is more convenient than traditional on campus education and decided to switch my major from animal sciences to environmental sciences. Some online courses were more challenging than others because of the method in which they were administered, but not overwhelming.

What will your Ecampus degree allow you to do that you were unable to do before? My Ecampus degree will give a better chance at becoming employed with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife as a wildlife biologist.

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