2011 OSU Ecampus graduates list

Congratulations, alums!

Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber
Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber
2011 SMED graduate from Brownsville, Texas

The number of Ecampus graduates was at an all-time high this year as 386 students received their degrees. OSU awarded diplomas to 231 undergraduates, who had an academic focus in nine of Ecampus' 12 undergrad programs. An additional 155 students earned advanced degrees (master's or Ph.D.).

You can view the 2011 Ecampus commencement program in PDF format.    

Alphabetized list of graduates
(fall 2010 – fall 2011)

Keli Jo Abbott, MAT/Elementary Education
Allison Adams, Liberal Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Lori Agalzoff, General Agriculture (Summa Cum Laude)
John Aigner Jr., General Agriculture (Cum Laude)
Seth Altmeyer, Natural Resources
Matthew Andermann, Natural Resources
Sara Andersen, Science and Math Education
Stephanie Annam, Liberal Studies
Shannon Archuleta, Natural Resources
Darin Arigoni, MAT/Elementary Education
Michelle Arnold, Master of Education
Brian Arp, General Agriculture
Kathy Austin, Doctor of Philosophy
Barbara Bamford, Doctor of Philosophy
Lydia Barnes, Liberal Studies
Barry Barnette, Natural Resources
Joanne Barthlow, Natural Resources
Mona Beach-Bernardi, MAT/Elementary Education
John Becker, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Angela Bell, MAT/Elementary Education
Michael Bell, Liberal Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Michelle Benoit, Master of Science
Kayla Berry, Liberal Studies
Sara Billings, Natural Resources
Ashley Bixler, Liberal Studies
Julie Black, Master of Education
Brantley Blair Jr., Natural Resources
Paul Bleicher, General Agriculture
Rebecca Blum, MAT/Elementary Education
Vince Bordadora, Environmental Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Lisa Brashear, Natural Resources
Daniel Braunstein, Environmental Sciences
Christine Brecunier, Human Development and Family Sciences
Brandy Brooks, Natural Resources
Anya Brunschwig, Environmental Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Sheryl Bryner, Natural Resources (Summa Cum Laude)
Giuliana Buccafurni, MAT/Elementary Education
Scott Buchanan, MAT/Elementary Education
Chris Burns, Liberal Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Floretta Bush, Doctor of Philosophy
Matthew Buss, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Tara Butler, Mathematics Education
Scott Byrd, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Scott Cahill, Environmental Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Robert Callihan, Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Campos, Liberal Studies
Emily Canfield, MAT/Elementary Education
Lynne Carothers, MAT/Elementary Education
Jennifer Carpenter, MAT/Elementary Education
Jalene Case, Master of Education
Amber Cassell, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Amy Cauthon, Natural Resources
Kelly Chrisler, Science and Math Education
Chelsea Christopher, Liberal Studies
Dustin Clark, MAT/Elementary Education
Andrea Clark, Environmental Sciences
Lauren Clymer, MAT/Elementary Education
Stephanie Colliander, Natural Resources
Karen Collins, Natural Resources
Christopher Condry, Political Science (Magna Cum Laude)
Christina Cook, MAT/Elementary Education
Kyle Cooke, MAT/Elementary Education
Samantha Cowan, Liberal Studies (Cum Laude)
Francine Cruz, Liberal Studies
Dann Cutter, Environmental Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Roger Dailey, Natural Resources
Carmen Daskalos, Liberal Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Lisa Davis, Liberal Studies
Shawn Dawson, Secondary Teacher Education
Jordan Deafenbaugh, Environmental Sciences
Elaine Deardorff, Liberal Studies
Crystal Deaver, General Anthropology
Sheri Denowski, Environmental Sciences (Summa Cum Laude)
Lisa Dianatkhah, Liberal Studies
Tami Dickens, Liberal Studies
Elijah Dickson, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Noel Dietz, Liberal Studies (Cum Laude)
Tamara Dockstader, Liberal Studies
Elizabeth Donkor, Natural Resources
Mary Donofrio, Environmental Sciences
Jamie Drake, Natural Resources
Nathan Duff, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Megelen Duhr-Schultz, Fisheries and Wildlife (Magna Cum Laude)
Rene Dulle, Environmental Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Julie Dunning, MAT/Elementary Education
John Eddings Jr., Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Greg Edge, Master of Education
Phillip Egolf, General Agriculture
Kurt Ehrenberg, Natural Resources
Lisa Ellefson, Liberal Studies
Sean Ellis, Natural Resources (Summa Cum Laude)
Randell Embertson, MAT/Elementary Education
Sarah Erhardt, MAT/Elementary Education
Richard Erlich, Doctor of Philosophy
Richard Fairchild, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Ashley Famalette, Liberal Studies
Daniel Findley, Doctor of Philosophy
Maighie Fitzgerald, Master of Education
Brenda Fogdall, Natural Resources
Bobbie Forbes, Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Forbess, Liberal Studies
Demetria Ford, MAT/Elementary Education
Erica Fortson, MAT/Elementary Education
Kyle Fournier, Early Childhood Education
Craig Frick, Liberal Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber, Science and Math Education
Ashley Fundahn, Political Science (Cum Laude)
Natalie Gagnon, Liberal Studies
Megan Gallusser, Early Childhood Education
Dirk Gard, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Stephen Gardiner, MAT/Elementary Education
Kristine Gehring-Ohrablo, Master of Health Physics
Amber George, MAT/Elementary Education
Ryan Gerber, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Ryan Gerry, Master of Education
Maria Gilmore, Liberal Studies
Mark Giordano, Liberal Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Andrea Goff, Liberal Studies
Robert Gonzalez, General Agriculture
Sebastian Gonzalez, Political Science
Nicole Goodden, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Rachel Goode, MAT/Elementary Education
Valerie Goodness, Natural Resources
Alexandrea Goranson, Liberal Studies
Elizabeth Gordon, Human Development and Family Sciences
Stacy Gray, General Agriculture
Meridith Green, Liberal Studies
Lynda Green, Master of Education (Summa Cum Laude)
Sonja Grisle, Environmental Sciences
Laura Grisson, General Agriculture (Magna Cum Laude)
Katharine Grunseth, MAT/Elementary Education
Derek Gustafson, Liberal Studies
Ethan Guzman, MAT/Elementary Education
Damon Haas, Liberal Studies
Michael Hackenberg, Liberal Studies (Cum Laude)
Dennis Hall, Natural Resources (Summa Cum Laude)
Eric Hamner, MAT/Elementary Education
Nicholas Hancock, Natural Resources
Elizabeth Hanken, Liberal Studies
Blake Hansen, General Agriculture
Kenyatta Harper, Liberal Studies
Christine Hartman, Natural Resources (Summa Cum Laude)
Michelle Haynes, Liberal Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Nicole Hee, Natural Resources
Anna Heinrich, Master of Education
Ray Hendrickson, General Agriculture
Lida Herburger, Master of Education
Felix Hernandez III, Natural Resources
Shayna Hicks, Elementary Education
Ashley Hill, MAT/Elementary Education
John Hill, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Crystal Hines, Liberal Studies
Jennifer Hokanson, Master of Education
Hillary Holiday, Natural Resources
Nicole Holman, MAT/Elementary Education
Lindsey Holmes, MAT/Elementary Education
Rebecca Hoover, Fisheries and Wildlife
Shaun Horne, Water Conflict Management
Natalie Horning-Edgar, MAT/Elementary Education
Kimberly Hosmer, Liberal Studies
Jason Hout, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Benjamin Howe, Master of Science
Jeremy Howland, Liberal Studies
Heather Howland, Liberal Studies
Rachael Huish, Mathematics Education
Greta Huskie, Natural Resources
Tuan Huynh, Environmental Sciences
Kelsey Ice, MAT/Elementary Education
Julie Isaacson, Human Development and Family Sciences
Beth Jackson, Master of Education
Danielle Jarkowsky, Master of Education
Andrew Jarvis, Political Science
Melissa Johnson, MAT/Elementary Education
Jennifer Johnson, Environmental Sciences
William Johnson, Natural Resources
Brandon Johnson, Political Science
Gregory Johnston, Natural Resources
Jeramie Jones, Natural Resources
Christopher Jorgensen, Sustainable Natural Resources
Jessie Kaske, Liberal Studies
Khurram Kazmi, Environmental Sciences
Shannon Kelly, Liberal Studies
Timothy Kennedy, Natural Resources (Cum Laude)
Keri Keusink, Liberal Studies
Meghan Keysboe, Political Science
Lindsey Kiesz, Geographic Information Science
Shannon Kizzia, Liberal Studies
Toni Klohk, Master of Education
Michael Kramar, Master of Education
Christina Kriedeman, Natural Resources (Summa Cum Laude)
Thomas Kukitz, Natural Resources
Gretchen Lane, Mathematics Education
Kurt Langworthy, Natural Resources
Kayla Leach, Natural Resources
Lisa Leatham, Master of Education
Benjamin LeBlanc, Natural Resources
Kathryn Leen, Liberal Studies
Christopher Legard, Natural Resources
Keren Levine, Master of Education
Cara Lewis, Natural Resources
Aaron Liebling, Liberal Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Limei Lin, Doctor of Philosophy
Terry Lindley, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Jacqueline Lingel, Environmental Sciences
Lisa Livingston, Environmental Sciences
Vincent Long, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Lih Loo, Natural Resources
Katie Losh, Liberal Studies
Eric Lowe, Doctor of Philosophy
Peter Lund, Political Science
Michelle MacArthur, Environmental Sciences
Mark MacNeil, Liberal Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Dennise Magill, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Aaron Maluo, Liberal Studies
Merci Mangabat, Environmental Sciences
Ashley Mankowski, Master of Education
Elizabeth Mansell, Liberal Studies
Crystal Mansoury, Liberal Studies
Marley Marshall, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Chelsie Martin, MAT/Elementary Education
Jeffrey Martin, Fisheries and Wildlife (Summa Cum Laude)
Mary Matney, Master of Education
Sean McCaffrey, Political Science
Greg McCarthy, Master of Education
Carlie McCarthy, Master of Education
Chris McCormack, General Agriculture
Margaret McDaniel, MAT/Elementary Education
Carol McKiel, Doctor of Philosophy
April McKuhn, MAT/Elementary Education
Deirdre McNamara, Liberal Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Alyssa McClean, Liberal Studies (Cum Laude)
Cynthia McMahan, Early Childhood Education
Lu Meng, Medical Physics
Deborah Mensch, Science and Math Education
Steven Merritt, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Michelle Michaud, Fisheries and Wildlife
Valentina Mikitchenko, MAT/Elementary Education
Emmanuel Miller, Political Science
Megan Miller-Morgan, Master of Education
Jan Mills, Doctor of Philosophy
Jason Minica, Natural Resources
Jessica Moore, Fisheries Management
Rosa-Lee Moore, Natural Resources
Patricia Mueller, Environmental Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
John Mullins, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Eric Munger, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Tina Nalley, Liberal Studies
Kreston Neal, Liberal Studies
Lynn Nichols, MAT/Elementary Education
Hannah Noll, Environmental Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)
Lorena Norman, Liberal Studies
Curran O'Brien, Liberal Studies
Bryan Palmer, Geographic Information Science
Jared Parmer, General Agriculture (Summa Cum Laude)
Stephanie Parrott, Liberal Studies
Lindsay Patrick, Environmental Sciences
Susan Patterson, Doctor of Education
Scott Pattison, Science and Math Education
Samuel Paul, Liberal Studies
Dave Pelkey, Doctor of Philosophy
Rebecca Pershing, Liberal Studies
Beatrice Pesenti, Political Science
Melissa Peterson, Science and Math Education
Ellen Petrik, Liberal Studies
Michael Petrocchi, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Robyn Pinkerton, Political Science
Nancy Pitzer, Master of Education
Michelle Pollard, Liberal Studies
Joseph Pomme, Master of Education
Haze Pope, Doctor of Philosophy
Robbie Porter, Mathematics Education
Roxanne Powell-Baxter, Liberal Studies
Jared Powers, Liberal Studies
Patrick Provant, Liberal Studies
Melissa Pumper, MAT/Elementary Education
Patrick Purvis, Economics
Jeanne Rafferty, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Destiny Rainney, Science and Math Education
Rachel Rawson, Liberal Studies
Heather Ray, Water Conflict Management
Randi Reel, Human Development and Family Sciences
Kenneth Reikofski, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Amanda Reller, Natural Resources
Amy Reule, Liberal Studies
Brandy Rhodes, General Anthropology
Phillip Rice, General Agriculture (Cum Laude)
Marcia Richard, Liberal Studies
Sarah Richards, Master of Education
Raquel Rickard, Natural Resources
April Rigby, Environmental Sciences
Rose Riley, Environmental Sciences
Sarah Rippere, Science and Math Education
Brian Ritter, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Rafael Rivera, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Kimberly Robinson, Liberal Studies
Nolan Rose, Liberal Studies
Emily Rostel, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Benjamin Roundtree, Natural Resources
Andrew Royer, Liberal Studies
Megan Ruddell, Natural Resources
Kelly Ruebush, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Lawrence Ruiz, Natural Resources
Jackelyn Ryan, Liberal Studies
Cristin Ryan, Science and Math Education
Robert Ryan Sustainable, Natural Resources
Shahnaz Sahnow, Early Childhood Education
Tony Saner, Natural Resources
Janet Satter, Natural Resources
Bree Sayers, Natural Resources (Summa Cum Laude)
Adam Scarberry, Master of Education
Barry Schaeffer, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Hannah Schafer, Liberal Studies (Cum Laude)
Julie Schaffroth, Natural Resources (Cum Laude)
Cassie Schierman, Early Childhood Education
Jennifer Schuck, Liberal Studies
Jessica Schuler, Natural Resources
Tanessa Schulte, General Agriculture
Merrie Schultz, Natural Resources (Cum Laude)
Kari Scott, Environmental Sciences
Thomas Scott, Science and Math Education
Robin Sears, Natural Resources
Anita Shade, Liberal Studies
Michaela Shanahan, Liberal Studies
Shannon Sharp, Liberal Studies
Allyson Shwartz, Environmental Sciences
Andrew Silverman, Liberal Studies (Magna Cum Laude)
Theresa Simms, General Agriculture (Cum Laude)
Kevin Sitz, Liberal Studies
Mary Skillings, Master of Education
Kevin Skillings, Master of Education
Natalie Smith, MAT/Elementary Education
Jessica Smith, Environmental Sciences
Shenandoah Steffy, Liberal Studies
Christine Stephen, MAT/Elementary Education
Katie Stephenson, Political Science
Jason Stevens, Environmental Sciences
Lindsay Stewart, Science and Math Education
Miranda Stewart, ESOL/Bilingual
Tabitha Stickel, Liberal Studies
Julie Stirling, Mathematics Education
Karlee Strickland, Liberal Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Daniel Stroup, Science and Math Education
Lisa Stroup, Science and Math Education
Garrett Sullivan, Liberal Studies
Richard Surroz, Master of Education
Dazzia Szczepaniak Liberal Studies
Tamera Taylor, Natural Resources (Cum Laude)
Karen Taylor, Master of Education
Jonathan Taylor, Liberal Studies (Cum Laude)
Cody Teixeira, General Agriculture
Travis Templer, Environmental Sciences
Elizabeth Ten Kley, Liberal Studies
Lela Thieme, Science and Math Education
Kirk Tice, Master of Education
Brian Tison, Natural Resources
Stephanie Titone, Liberal Studies
Joey Torgrimson, Liberal Studies
Danielle Trevino, Natural Resources
Gregory Twiss, Liberal Studies
Sharon Updike, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Steve Usery, Environmental Sciences
Amy Van Deren, General Agriculture
Robert Van Wieren, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Jennifer Verdries, MAT/Elementary Education
Joseph Voetberg Jr., Master of Radiation Health Physics
Christina Wagner, Liberal Studies
Sharon Watkins, Natural Resources
Brandie Weatherford, Liberal Studies
Leanna Webb, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Lindsey Webb, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Matthew Webber, Liberal Studies (Cum Laude)
Jamie Weisse, Liberal Studies
Timothy Wermers, Natural Resources
Christina White, Elementary Education
Joy Whitehall, Master of Education
Melissa Wilhelm, Master of Education
Alexander Williams, MAT/Elementary Education
Manuel Williams, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Charles Williams, Master of Radiation Health Physics
Angela Wilson, Anthropology
Gordon Wilson, Doctor of Philosophy
Justin Wise, Liberal Studies
Jamie Wisniewski, Natural Resources (Magna Cum Laude)
Robert Wohlers, Natural Resources
Samia Yaqub, Doctor of Philosophy
Todd Yunker, Master of Education
Alicia Zook, MAT/Elementary Education

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