2011 OSU Ecampus graduate profiles

A closer look at our students

Ecampus graduates reflect on their online learning experience with OSU

Every student has a story to tell, and we tend to think the adult learners at OSU Ecampus often have the best ones to share. Our diverse student body — with folks taking classes in all 50 states and 20 countries worldwide — is a veritable melting pot of people from all backgrounds: active military members, 60-year-old college freshmen, established teachers pursuing their Ph.D., and moms and dads juggling work, school and parenthood.      

The Ecampus graduating class of 2011 is indicative of that diversity. You can learn more about some of this year's graduates by reading their profiles below. Discover why OSU Ecampus offered them the best access to higher education and a high-quality, accredited degree.  

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Spotlighted Ecampus graduates

dirk-gardTHUMB   Dirk Gard – B.S. Natural Resources
kristine-gehring-ohrabloTHUMB.jpg   Kristine Gehring-Ohrablo – Master of Health Physics
jennifer-johnsonTHUMB    Jennifer Johnson – B.S. Environmental Sciences
becky-pershingTHUMB   Rebecca Pershing – B.S. Liberal Studies

Michelle Arnold - Master of Education
Lydia Barnes - B.A. Liberal Studies
Michelle Benoit - M.S. Education
Jalene Case - Master of Education, Organization and Human Resource Education
Noel Dietz - B.A. Liberal Studies
Tamara Dockstader - B.S. Liberal Studies
Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber - M.S. Science and Math Education
Robert Gonzalez - B.S. General Agriculture
Lynda Green - B.A. Liberal Studies
Beth Jackson - Master of Education, Organization and Human Resource Education
Jeramie Jones - B.S. Natural Resources
Michael Kramar - Master of Education, Organization and Human Resource Education
Chris McCormack - B.S. General Agriculture
Carol McKiel - Doctor of Philosophy, Emphasis in Community College Leadership
Deirdre McNamara - B.A. Liberal Studies
Deborah Mensch - M.S. Science and Math Education
Lorena Norman - B.S. Liberal Studies
Melissa Peterson - M.S. Science and Math Education
Jessica Schuler - B.S. Natural Resources
Anita Shade - B.S. Liberal Studies
Jessica Lily Smith - B.S. Environmental Sciences
Tabitha Stickel - B.A. Liberal Studies
Dazzia Szczepaniak - B.A. Liberal Studies
Matthew Webber - B.S. Liberal Studies
Angela Wilson - B.A. Anthropology
Robert Wohlers - B.S. Natural Resources
Todd Yunker - Master of Education

An Ecampus graduate's tale from Singapore

Lih Loo - B.S. Natural Resources

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