2012 OSU Ecampus graduates

Jennifer Fielding – Long journey gives kids a road map to success

Jennifer FieldingB.S. in Political Science
Danville, Calif.

What does earning your OSU degree mean to you?
Earning an OSU degree is such an accomplishment to me. I am a single mother with three young children, and earning a college degree through OSU is something I have been working toward for a long time.

Why did you choose to complete your degree online through OSU Extended Campus? What did you like about this method of education?
The Ecampus program through OSU was a really good fit with my educational goals and time that I have. I work full time and have three children, so attending classes in person was virtually impossible. The Ecampus program allowed me to pursue my dreams that a more traditional setting would not have.

Did you have an instructor or advisor who was influential in helping you succeed as a distance student?
I would have to say that all of the instructors and aides were completely supportive in helping me reach my goals. I took many classes from professor Brent Steel and am very proud to have read and learned so many of the things that he has written and taught. I feel I have a wonderful sense of politics and how it is related to not just political systems but the environment and science as well.

What will your Ecampus degree allow you to do that you were unable to do before?
I feel that in this day and age it is essential to have a college degree in the workforce. I feel like this degree will open up many doors for me in pursuing my career and supporting my children.

I am also extremely pleased that my children have seen me go through this degree program and have been exposed to what working for a college degree is like. I hope that my children choose to pursue a college degree and I feel that the importance I have placed on it can only help them with their future choices. This degree means so much more than just a diploma for myself; I did this for my children as much as I did this for myself.

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