2012 OSU Ecampus graduate profiles

A closer look at our students

Ecampus graduates reflect on their online learning experience with OSU

Every student has a story to tell, and we tend to think the learners of OSU Ecampus often have the best ones to share. Our diverse student body — with folks taking classes in all 50 states and more than 30 countries worldwide — is a melting pot of people from all backgrounds: active military members, 60-year-old college freshmen, established teachers pursuing their Ph.D., and moms and dads juggling work, school and parenthood.

The Ecampus graduating class of 2012 is indicative of that diversity. You can learn more about some of this year's graduates by reading their profiles below. Discover why OSU Ecampus offered them the best access to a high-quality education.

Spotlighted Ecampus graduate

Sarah Price   Sarah Stevenson Price – B.A. in Liberal Studies
Christopher Friesen   Christopher Friesen – B.S. in Economics
Lisa and Daniel Stroup
  Lisa Stroup and Daniel Stroup
M.S. in Science and Mathematics Education
Debora Williams   Debora Williams – B.S. in Environmental Sciences

Ann Bacon - B.S. in Natural Resources
Andrea Barker
- Master of Health Physics
Lindzy Bivings - M.S. in Science and Mathematics Education (Free-Choice Learning)
Michelle Bolinger - B.A. in Liberal Studies
Kate Brinkley - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Jill Busby - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Cinthia Carrillo - B.A. in Political Science
Jill Taylor Carter - M.S. in Science and Mathematics Education (School-Based)
Ina Castillo - B.A. in Liberal Studies
Amy Cauthon - B.S. in Natural Resources
Jamie Chesshire-Mason - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Rossi Coplan - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Carol Daffron - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Amie Davis - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Elizabeth Donkor - B.S. in Natural Resources
Kristal Dowell - B.S. in Natural Resources
Holley DuMond - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Jenelle Eager - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Jennifer Fielding - B.S. in Political Science
Yevgeniy A. Gerasimenko - B.A. in Liberal Studies
Jennifer Glaspey - B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences
Shanna Grafeld - B.S. in Natural Resources
Bernard Hamill - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Kimberlee Harrison - B.A. in Anthropology
Katrina Housheya - B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences
Stephanie N. Houtman - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Maria Iñez Bautista Diaz - B.A. in Liberal Studies
Jillian L. Jainga - B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences
Kelly K. Johnson - B.S. in Agricultural Sciences
Amanda Kincade - B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences
Heather Leftin - B.S. in Natural Resources
Christine Lewy - B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences
Michael Lovejoy - Master of Natural Resources
Maileen Manuel - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Claire Masing - B.S. in Horticulture
Odhran Mason McGonagall - B.S. in Anthropology
Sara McDonald - B.S. in Natural Resources
Tay McEdwards - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Jeff McPherson - B.S. in Natural Resources
Kila Messick - B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences
Christine Miller - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Michael O'Brien - Ed.M. in Organization and Human Resource Education
Mutiat Olowu - B.S. in Political Science
Elizabeth Paben - B.A. in Economics
Richard Parrish - B.S. in Natural Resources
Amy Potthast - Ed.M. in Organization and Human Resource Education
Amy Reule - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Jacklyn Richins - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Emily Rinck - B.S. in Horticulture
Sheri Roberts - B.S. in Agricultural Sciences
Mike Ryan - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Clayton Sampson - B.S. in Natural Resources
Tyler A. Schade - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Allison Schulz - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Carisa Shaw - B.S. in Agricultural Sciences
David Sprecher - B.S. in Liberal Studies
Carla June Stewart - Ph.D. in Counseling
Stephen Szabo - B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Science
Haley Thornton - B.S. in Environmental Sciences
Jeffrey Tuma - B.S. in Economics
Melisa R. Walz - B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences
Kimberly Ward - B.A. in Liberal Studies
Danielle Womble - B.S. in Natural Resources
Mellissia Zanjani - Ph.D. in Education (Community College Leadership)

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