2012 OSU Ecampus graduates

Maileen Manuel – Getting a worldwide view from her island home

Maileen ManuelB.S. in Environmental Sciences
Lihue, Hawaii

What does earning your OSU degree mean to you?
Earning my OSU degree means that I have accomplished a milestone in my life and has given me the opportunity to enter into a world of great careers.

Why did you choose to complete your degree online through OSU Ecampus? What did you enjoy about this method of education?
I chose to complete my degree online through OSU Ecampus because the tuition was affordable, I did not have to stay in a dorm to get a good education, and I got to stay home with my family. I enjoyed interacting with classmates from across the nation and the world.

Did you have an instructor or advisor who was influential in helping you succeed as a distance student?
I did have an advisor, Dawn Marie Gaid, who was influential. She gave me a warm welcome when I first joined Ecampus. She was very helpful when she was educating me about Ecampus and gave me good advice on what courses I should take. She was also willing to accept a lot of my transfer courses to fulfill some of the requirements for my major. Overall, she was a great advisor and I couldn't have asked for some one better.

What will your Ecampus degree allow you to do that you were unable to do before?
My degree will allow me to get a better job that I would enjoy. I feel that it will improve my future by letting me get a better job that will sustain me for a long time.

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