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A look inside Oregon State’s cybersecurity online certificate

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Nov. 9, 2020

The exponential rise of technology across industries has produced incredible innovations worldwide. It has also paved the way for new and nefarious means of cybercrime.

Now more than ever, cybersecurity professionals are needed.

With that, we wanted to answer some of the critical questions about cybersecurity and the Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity available online through Oregon State University Ecampus.

Why are positions in cybersecurity so important and valuable at this time?

Hacking continues to impact industry and individuals alike. Cybersecurity professionals are our needed, front-line defense to thwart hacking attempts. The demand for professionals in this field continues to increase with low unemployment rates across the nation.

What are three helpful tips for becoming a cybersecurity professional?

  1. Get a broad view of cybersecurity by taking classes online so you can find a specific subarea where your passion lies.
  2. Do a capstone project as part of a cybersecurity online program, overlapping that subarea so you can build competence and demonstrate your passion to potential employers.
  3. Keep your eyes open as you progress through your career for narrower certificates relevant to your very specific career track. These additional certificates can be useful for documenting your expertise in really deep and specialized skills.

How will students benefit from earning a certificate in cybersecurity online from Oregon State?

Students who complete the certificate program will be able to:

  • Describe the common threats to system security and explain their mechanisms of action
  • Assess system requirements pertaining to confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and functionality to users
  • Implement secure solutions to common threats by selecting and applying appropriate principles, protocols and techniques
  • Evaluate system designs, implementations and protocols to identify and ameliorate weaknesses

What opportunities will a certificate in cybersecurity provide?

After earning an undergraduate certificate in cybersecurity online, individuals will be prepared to serve a variety of security roles as well as perform web and IT jobs more competently. For example, a software engineer will be more capable of creating software systems that can resist cyberattacks.

And students will walk away with competency and in-demand skills that employers need. Those skills include:

  • Securing communication between a client and a server
  • Detecting when communication is compromised
  • Reasoning about the extent to which a system design is prone to cyberattacks
  • Finding and exploiting security flaws in existing systems
  • Investigating a cyber intrusion and understand how it happened

How can I get started in Oregon State’s cybersecurity online certificate?

Request information about the cybersecurity online program and receive support from our dedicated enrollment services specialists. Take the first step in your journey today.

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