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Faculty Spotlight: Where mayhem meets award-winning instruction

By Carly Johansen
Sep 1, 2020

Clare Braun is an award-winning instructor at Oregon State University, known for her innovative approach to teaching in the online classroom.

So, what does Clare have to do with mayhem? Her lauded online Honors course, Murder, Mayhem and Makeup: Lady Detectives on Page and Screen, helps draw the connection.

Clare is continually looking for room for improvement in her courses and willing to take on those tasks herself, no matter the extra work it might entail. In the Oregon State Ecampus course, she tackles mystery writing from screen to page all while donning roles in vignettes created with the Ecampus team.

Beyond her award-winning coursework, Clare is known among students as an instructor who is invested in their success at OSU. She’s not alone, either.

At Oregon State Ecampus, students are our top priority. Every Ecampus instructor works with world-class instructional designers to build custom courses with students in mind. They collaborate to create engaging, cutting-edge learning environments.

Ecampus is consistently ranked among the top 10 providers of online education in the U.S., but that doesn’t come from being content with the status quo. Innovative instructors like Clare motivate us to keep improving. We take on the extra work because we know it will be worth it when our students approach life in the same way.

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