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Oregon State Everywhere: Developing passions, adding skills for the future

Photo of Hope Sims, Oregon State Ecampus online economics student

In addition to pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics online, Hope Sims is minoring in sustainability. “I’ve been able to work toward my goals as a sustainability ambassador,” she says.

Support from Ecampus success coach helps student learn to manage time, studies and more

By Hope Sims
OSU Ecampus economics major
Dec. 14, 2020

I enrolled in the Oregon State Ecampus online economics bachelor’s degree program after learning that it wasn’t feasible for me to attend on campus. The cost and accessibility of the Ecampus program made it possible for me to pursue my education in a way that fit me best.

The courses that I’ve taken have helped me expand my education in economics and further develop my passions for sustainability. With the online education, I’ve been able to work toward my goals as a sustainability ambassador.

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During my junior year, I had a hard time juggling full-time work, school and life. It wasn’t long before the imbalance began to affect my schoolwork, but with the resources offered to Ecampus students and the flexibility of school I was able to overcome it.

My Ecampus student success coach played a huge role in getting me to a place where I could work at a pace that best suits me, and I learned stress and time management that I will carry with me into the future.

At this point of my education, what motivates me is my potential graduation date in March 2021! I transferred to Oregon State Ecampus three years ago, and soon I will have my bachelor’s in economics and a minor in sustainability.

Editor’s note: Hope completed her economics bachelor’s degree requirements online and graduated from Oregon State University in spring 2021.

The Ecampus staff thanks Hope for sharing her experiences in Oregon State’s online economics degree program as a part of the OSU Everywhere campaign.

Discover how earning your Oregon State degree online can improve your career prospects.

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