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FAQ about online learning at Oregon State

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Find answers to the most commonly searched questions in our knowledge base

May 15, 2021

All questions are good questions, and when it comes to pursuing a college degree online, it’s almost a guarantee that they’ve been asked before — or thousands of times before.

At Oregon State University Ecampus, we take pride in helping people find the information they need. Our enrollment services team specializes in guiding future Oregon State students through the application process. The Ecampus student success team works with current online students to tap into all the support services they need to thrive.

And when you want to do individual research, the Ask Ecampus knowledge base is your go-to resource.

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What are the most frequently viewed topics in the Ask Ecampus knowledge base?

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In this final installment of a three-part Ask Ecampus series, we share five more of the most commonly searched question-and-answer pairs in the database.

11. Can I take classes at my own pace?

Oregon State Ecampus online courses follow the same academic schedule as OSU’s on-campus courses. Although online classes give you the flexibility to complete the coursework when you have the time, we strongly advise you to check your course syllabus to find the deadlines and due dates as set by your instructor.

12. Where do I find a list of online courses?

The Ecampus schedule of classes provides an easy-to-navigate list of Oregon State courses that are delivered online. You can search by academic term, subject, course and other filters.

The OSU academic catalog also has a complete list of all Ecampus courses, as well as those offered on-site at various university locations.

13. How many credits do I need to be a full-time student?

The minimum number of credits you need to be classified as a full-time undergraduate student is 12 per term, while the maximum is 19.

The minimum number of credits to be classified as a full-time graduate student is 9 per term, while the maximum is 16 credit hours per term.

You can learn more by reading OSU Academic Regulation 7.

14. Where do I send my transcripts to apply to Oregon State?

Your official transcripts should be sent directly from your former institutions to the OSU Office of Admissions. For information on how to submit your documents, please view the Ecampus how-to-apply guide.

15. How do I waiver a course by examination?

You can waiver a course by examination depending on your degree program. Once you’re admitted, you’ll need to work with your academic advisor. Learn more by reading OSU Academic Regulation 24.

Discover more about the Oregon State Ecampus online learning experience and the programs and courses we deliver online.

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  • Janellies Medina says:

    Hello! Just wondering , if I was enrolled in the online Oregon state program and was doing well would there be an option to transition into in person school?

  • Tyler Hansen says:

    Hi Janellies. Thanks for reaching out. This is a great question. Yes, you can enroll in an Oregon State degree program online with Ecampus and then transition to being an on-campus student. But there are a few important things to consider. Because of this, I encourage you to chat with our enrollment services team to hear some of the specifics.

    You can reach them Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. PT at either or 1-800-667-1465. Have a good one!

  • Vishwas says:


    I received an approval for on-campus MS degree program. Is it possible to switch to e-campus degree program without having to submit an online application? I’m planning to start my MS in Fall 2023.

  • Tyler Hansen says:

    Hi Vishwas. That is a good question, and we encourage you to contact the OSU Graduate School on email at They will be able to provide the best information for you as you consider a possible switch to an M.S. program online with Ecampus.

    Tyler Hansen

  • Alicia McGraw says:

    I am a high school teacher interested in taking an online course for professional development. Can I take just one course through Ecampus? If so, would I apply as a graduate student (since I already have a graduate degree) or…?

  • Morgan L. says:

    Hi Alicia, thanks for reaching out with your question.
    You can take just one course, or a couple courses, without seeking a degree at OSU. To do so, you would first apply as a nondegree-seeking student. The deadline for summer is June 5. If you have a bachelor’s degree already, you will submit a graduate nondegree application even if you intend to take an undergraduate level course.

    Reach out to our enrollment services team if you have any questions Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. PT at either or 1-800-667-1465.

  • Satara B. says:

    Are students at other OSU campuses (like Corvallis) able to take ecampus classes for example because there’s a specific class only available through the ecampus? Are credits allowed to transfer that way?

  • Morgan L. says:

    Hi Satara, that’s a great question! Ecampus courses are OSU courses, so transferring is not necessary. Students are able to switch between ecampus and on-campus courses as desired and can even take on-campus and online courses in the same term. However, there are different tuition structures and not all courses or degrees are offered in both formats.

    We are happy to answer additional questions at enrollment services Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. PT at either or 1-800-667-1465, Opt 3.

  • Shannon says:

    Are OSU ecampus and OSU on-line courses the same? Do both count toward the 6 credits needed to maintain an OSU scholarship?

  • Stephanie Bason says:

    Hi Shannon, that is a great question! Yes, OSU Ecampus and OSU on-line courses both count toward the 6 credits needed to maintain an OSU scholarship and/or financial aid. For any questions, you can contact OSU’s Office of Financial Aid at 541-737-2241.

    We are happy to answer additional questions at enrollment services Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. PT at either or 1-800-667-1465, Opt 3.

  • Shannon says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Kris says:

    Is there a difference between on online degree and a walking degree? In other words, is there an ecampus distinction/connotation on the physical degree?

  • Tyler Hansen says:

    Hi Kris. No, there is no difference between an Oregon State degree earned online and a degree earned on campus. Likewise, the diploma an Ecampus student receives is identical to the one an on-campus receives.

    And, to further illustrate the point, the learning outcomes in online classes are identical to those in face-to-face classes.

    I hope this helps, Kris. Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can connect with our enrollment services team at or 800-667-1465.

  • Jasmine says:

    Hi! I live in California, but I was wondering if the online program was offered to out of state students?

  • Tyler Hansen says:

    Hi Jasmine. Yes, you can enroll online with Oregon State while living in California. Most of OSU’s online programs can be completed fully online, while others are hybrid programs that have a site-based component.

    You can learn more about how classes are delivered on our website ( And for questions about applying, enrolling and specific programs you’re interested in, please get in touch with the Ecampus enrollment services team at, 800-667-1465, or via chat (


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