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Answers to your top online learning questions

The Valley Library on Oregon State University's Corvallis Campus is home to Oregon State Ecampus, a leader in online learning. Ask Ecampus

Check out some of the 10 most frequently searched queries in our database

By Tyler Hansen
Nov. 6, 2020

If one future Oregon State University student has a question about the online learning experience, odds are that several hundred other people asked the same question previously.

That’s where the Ask Ecampus knowledge base comes in handy. It features answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions regarding Oregon State Ecampus services and programs.

This is the second in a three-part series of stories that highlight which question-and-answer pairs people search most often inside Ask Ecampus. Here, we list Nos. 6-10. Check out part one in which we list the top five.

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What are the most-frequently viewed questions in the Ask Ecampus knowledge base?

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6. Can I test out of a requirement in a degree?

It is possible, depending on the online program you enroll in, to test out of a degree requirement. Once you are admitted to Oregon State, you’ll need to work with your academic advisor and the department to see if you can test out of a course.

7. Where will my degree take me in a career?

Earning an Oregon State degree is like a passport. It takes you places you wouldn’t be able to go without it. The degree you earn online with OSU Ecampus will open up a host of exciting new career opportunities, as well as put you on a course for higher earnings.

Oregon State’s Career Development Center offers an abundance of resources so you can pinpoint your professional interests, explore the career paths that certain majors can lead to, and prepare you to confidently enter the workforce.

You can also work with an academic advisor to choose coursework that will help you excel on your career path.

8. Will this degree be good for the graduate program I’m considering?

Oregon State online bachelor’s degree programs serve as an ideal gateway to graduate school whether your interest is in a similar discipline or a different field entirely. If you’re interested in studying the same topic at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, then OSU Ecampus has plenty to offer you.

Ecampus delivers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following disciplines:

  • Business administration
  • Environmental sciences
  • Finance
  • Fisheries, wildlife, and conservation sciences
  • Marketing
  • Natural resources
  • Public health
  • Public policy

We advise that, once you’re enrolled at Oregon State, you connect with your academic advisor to discuss pursuing a graduate program at OSU or another institution.

9. Where can I find a list of Writing Intensive Courses?

The list of Writing Intensive Courses is available in the Ecampus Baccalaureate Core schedule of classes. Each interdisciplinary major at Oregon State has a list of approved Writing Intensive Courses for that major, and you’ll be required to complete one 3-credit class.

Taken typically in the junior or senior year, Writing Intensive Courses introduce you to the genres, purposes, audiences, content and conventions of writing in the major. Browse a series of FAQ to learn more.

10. How can I gain approval for a class from a different college?

Always consult with your academic advisor prior to registering for any course from a different institution. Advisors have the expertise and offer guidance that will help you make progress toward graduation. They can also determine whether the course you’re interested in will properly transfer back to OSU and your degree program.

Discover more about the Oregon State Ecampus online learning experience and the programs and courses we deliver online.

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