Interagency Fire Program Management

401 Series courses for GS-401 (IFPM) training in Pacific NW

Region 6 of the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (Oregon/Washington) have approved selected courses from Oregon State University to fulfill education requirements associated with the GS-401 Fire Management Specialist position Supplemental Standards. These 401 Series courses may be used by fire technicians to maintain and upgrade their qualifications.

Most of the courses on this approved course list are delivered online. Additional OSU courses and degree programs are under review to qualify for the 401 Series - remember to check this web page for updates.

Program Requirements

Educational requirements for GS-401 Fire Management Specialist Supplemental Qualification Standard may be met by completing either a:

  • Degree in biological sciences, agriculture, natural resources management or related discipline appropriate to the position being filled.


  • Combination of education and experience: courses equivalent to a major in biological sciences, agriculture or natural resources management, or at least 24 semester hours (36 quarter credits) in biological sciences, natural resources, wildland fire management, forestry or agriculture equivalent to a major field of study, plus appropriate experience or additional education that is comparable to that normally acquired through the successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in the biological sciences, agriculture or natural resources.

Additional 401 Series requirements have been stipulated specific to IFPM (Interagency GS-401 Supplemental Qualifications Standard). See your Agency HR Specialist for more details on these requirements.

Semesters hours compared to term (quarter) credits:

OSU courses are offered on the term system, not semester. OSU defines a term (also referred to as "quarters") as one-third of the academic year, not counting summer. Terms at OSU are divided into fall, winter and spring terms and consist of 11 weeks each, with finals occurring during the last week. You can view term beginning and end dates, and other important dates, in the OSU Academic Calendar. Note that one semester credit equals 1.5 term (or quarter) credits. To convert semester hours to quarter credits simply multiply by 1.5.